If the deadline to a college admission is 1/1

Can I send in my test scores, transcript, and letter of recommendation a few days late? I am done with common app and the essays.

There are a small number of colleges that actually require those supporting materials to be in their hands by Jan 1. Those that do make it clear on their sites. The rest allow things to arrive after the deadline date but how long after varies – some give specifc dates such as a date between Jan 10 and 15 by which those materials must be in their hands. Others want them within a reasonable time, likely by mid-Jan. Note, one thing you should order to be sent now is your test scores. That can be done immediately without waiting for school to reopen next week.

thank you so much!

If you’re done now, then send your test scores now…and do what you need to do to send transcripts ASAP.