If tomatoes are a fruit

<p>If tomatoes are a fruit, how come ketchup can't be jam?</p>

<p>The texture isn't gel-like.</p>

<p>Tomatoes are a culinary vegetable, so any product made from them will not be named based on their botanical classification.</p>

<p>/thread .</p>

<p>There's no pectin in it. That's why jam is not the same as fruit preserves or jelly. Also, I'm sure if you added 57 different ingredients to strawberries, including vinegar, salt, and onion powder, that mess wouldn't be jam either.</p>


<p>when someone told me corn was a fruit my mind was blown</p>

<p>My new life goal is to make strawberry "ketchup".</p>

<p>^^corn is a starch</p>



<p>I don't know, my mind is still blown. And banana not being a fruit, and pluto not being a planet, who decides this nonsense???</p>

<p>^Encyclopedia Britannica perhaps or God..meh not really.</p>

<p>I think there's exists something like strawberry ketchup... it's sweet not salty.</p>

<p>!!! Banana is not a fruit?!</p>

<p>Wait...bananas aren't fruit...what?</p>

<p>Its not ketchup if its not salty, so no.</p>

<p>well something about banana not having a seed, but the internet still debates it</p>

<p>Something about a man having a seed makes me contemplate whether some guys are fruits.</p>

<p>all men are fruits</p>

<p>What!!! Bananas aren't fruit, corn isn't a vegtable. So the truth is, I lean more things on the internet than in school. What a waste of 12yrs of my life.</p>

<p>its still food though, that's all i need to know</p>

<p>You are all fruitcakes</p>