If you are drunk

<p>You may only post in this portion of the messageboard if drunk/inebriated/intoxicated/ feelin' good. </p>

<p>I feel well.</p>

<p>same here.</p>

<p>Wow the llama is juggling cats over there on the Faraday's Transformer.</p>

<p>im blazed as a kite</p>

<p>Wow man, that llama se llama Fernando and its climbing up the pinata! Oh, it fell. But I haven't yet. Don't drink and drive, smoke and fly!</p>

<p>fly fly fly
fly like a llama.</p>

<p>WOOOOOOOOOOO haha</p>

this thread was MADE for me.</p>

<p>seriously though, what a crazy coincidence to see this when I'm getting increasingly faded.
(yeah, I'm a class act)</p>

<p>my night is okay, and it's not finished yet. sweet.</p>

<p>its totally finished.
this thing totally sucks. who's heard of anything that fades in 1.5 hours?</p>

<p>lol don't you guys have better things to do when you drink/smoke basides posting in nerd college forums...</p>

<p>well I just got home, smarty-pants.</p>

<p>there's certain sites I read regularly and it's just wired into my brain to check em whenever I sit down, and I was hugely amused at seeing this thread</p>

<p>Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Look at me go!</p>


<p>im a douchebag</p>

<p>wow this thread is pathetic. you guys remind me of the freshman that get to college and are getting drunk/high for the first time. "omg im sooooooooo high" "dude im totally trashed!!!" lame.</p>

<p>confusion.. totally like the advert in harold and kumar? </p>

<p>"Omg dood im so HIGH! nothing can hurt me!" and proceeds to shoot himself with a rifle.</p>

<p>i just smoked a fat blunt im out peace</p>

<p>Yeah it does remind me of freshmen getting drunk for the first time.</p>

<p>hey smarty pants in fact i am VERY experienced. PM me if you want the finest **** in the west.</p>

<p>Honestly find something better to do when your hammered or high then posting on a message board. Kinda lame if you ask me.</p>