If You Are Going to Smith Next Year:

<p>I was wondering, for those of you that sent in your acceptance cards with the check, did anyone get a confirmation? I would hate to have accepted Smith and gone through the whole process, only for the card to get lost in the mail. Should I be worried if I haven't gotten some sort of confirmation is basically my question?</p>

<p>Hey, I deposited in late April but haven't received a confirmation or anything either. But there's sort of a way I think you can check if they got your card - log into Bannerweb and see if you can access your Housing Form (where you can do the roommate survey, etc.) You can't access it unless they've got your stuff. Also I think a Welcome Students package should come in the mail soon, so don't fret.</p>

<p>If you just sent it in you wouldn't have heard anything yet most likely - you can keep an eye out to see if the check is deposited but it takes a while for everything to be processed. You should get a packet very soon with housing and medical forms etc.</p>

<p>I sent in my deposit on the 23rd, I think, and got my housing and medical forms packet this Saturday.</p>

<p>^ Yeah, I deposited on the 23rd and got the welcome packet today. I could login to my housing forms on Bannerweb around last Tuesday, though.</p>

<p>thanks guys! so helpful... i'll try logging into bannerweb right now!</p>

<p>I postmarked my deposit on May 1 and received an e-mail from Smith yesterday saying that I had not responded in time and my offer of admission had been withdrawn!</p>

<p>So we called them yesterday and they said they had sent about twenty of those e-mails out before they got the mail--which brought with it the deposits of fifteen of those who had received the e-mails. None of us had to worry; the withdrawal of admission was what was withdrawn!</p>

<p>Kind of nerve wracking...</p>

<p>You're too young to have a heart attack inflicted upon you like that.</p>

<p>Given the variability of Postal Service delivery, I wouldn't be quite so quick to rescind acceptances. Though I understand they also want to start moving on the waitlist.</p>

<p>Phanatic, oh, my goodness! How terrifying! I'm so glad you called. It's too bad they jumped the gun with the mail, but I can understand Smith needs to get going on the waitlist. That's quite a high return---15 out of 20. Welcome, Phanatic, you're a Smithie!</p>

<p>Around when do we get our smith emails?</p>

<p>^I remember we got them really late, like July maybe?</p>

<p>Mid to late June. My first email on my account is June 21 2009.</p>