If YOU don't get into Brown, where would you go?

<p>Assuming you were accepted into any of the other colleges you applied to … where would you matriculate?
Just curious to hear what other schools have appealed to Brown lovers like myself. :)</p>

<p>Hey, I love Brown and would be devastated if I didn't get accepted. I have applied to Rutgers (I am from NJ) and I will apply to NYU, Johns Hopkins, Rensselaer Polytechnic, and three other Ivies: Harvard, Columbia, and Cornell.</p>

<p>Brown is my favoriteeee! So I did ED/PLME :D</p>

<p>But I also really like Wesleyan, Yale, and Princeton. I'm also applying to Harvard, Dartmouth, Cornell, UPenn, and Hopkins. My 'safeties' are Rensealear and Lehigh.</p>

<p>My Brown student (Brown was first choice), also applied to Harvard, Georgetown, Duke, Hopkins, Swarthmore, UVA, Yale, Smith. (that I think is about order of preference if didn't get into Brown)</p>

<p>My oldest also applied to Chicago, Dartmouth, Williams, Tufts, Reed, Kenyon, Carleton, Swarthmore and MIT.</p>

<p>My youngest also applied to Amherst, Wesleyan, Vassar, Carleton, Macalester and Williams.</p>

<p>No particular order to either list (just the order i which I remembered them).</p>

<p>If not Brown (in order): </p>

Florida State University
University of Florida</p>

<p>I applied Brown ED, but if I don't get in (I will be crushed), but my list goes (not in order): UPenn, Cornell, Williams, Hopkins, Duke, Vanderbilt, Swarthmore, Rice, W&M, Fordham, Tulane (already accepted), Kenyon and Binghamton!</p>

<p>I applied Brown ED too!
Other schools I would go to in a heartbeat if I didn't get in: Stanford, Swarthmore, Pomona, Duke, Rice, Tufts
Other schools that I'm applying to: UT Austin (already in!) and USC</p>

<p>chicago, dartmouth, princeton in that order! :D</p>

<p>but BROWN!!!!!!!!!!!! IS MY SCHOOL!!!!!! lol i need in!!!</p>

<p>Nowhere else in the universe!!!</p>

<p>Brown or Bust baby!!</p>

<p>UChicago or Georgetown (Legacy :p)</p>