If you found a set of car keys...

<p>My friend's daughter took the handicap-accessible van to school. The DD had cross country practice after school. She handed the keys to her friend and friend put them on the top of a post near the track. When it came time to leave, the keys were gone. We have checked with the school office, the police, the CC coach and still no keys. Since there is a remote on the set, I thought someone might push the button to see which car they belonged to (since the horn honks when the doors lock) and leave the keys on the tire with a note or even a note and phone number. Nope. </p>

<p>This is the only set, unfortunately, and therefore, the mom is stuck in the house. We've run out of places to look.</p>

<p>My question is: if you found a set of keys, what would you do with them?</p>

<p>I would leave them where I found them if it is a place that I thought someone would come back to when they suddenly remembered where they left them. Otherwise I would return to the front desk if one was available or someplace very visible close to where I found them.</p>

<p>Maybe the person thought they knew who they belonged to and kept them to give them to that person.</p>

<p>Meanwhile, the friend's mom needs to call a locksmith. The keys may never turn up.</p>

<p>Was there a Kroger card on the key chain? If so, maybe someone dropped them in a mailbox to be mailed back to the owner. I hope they find them soon. That is very frustrating, I know. Please don't laugh at this next suggestion. Some animals are attracted to shiny objects. Is the school located near a wooded area?</p>

<p>If your in a smallish town, put a LOST ad in the paper. And start watching the FOUND ad's. Post LOST keys sign near the post, the track, the school office etc. Be sure to mention the handicap-accessible issue, and the hardship it is causing. They could still be in someone's pocket--someone with good intentions--forgotten.</p>

<p>We had a missing kitten, posted signs and a LOST ad, and you would be amazed at the calls and help we had.</p>

<p>Those remote-keys are expensive to replace, but it seems they have covered all the avenues unless you want to wait out the mail or a want ad. Did the school office check the general school lost and found? They may want to check every day or so as it takes awhile for lost and found to get from the office to the lost and found if it was turned in elsewhere. Hope they find the keys!</p>

<p>I'd check with the local police department. You'll most likely have to make a call to the dealer to replace they key and remote if the keys haven't turned up.</p>

<p>When all else fails, the local dealership can probably check their database for details on your car and cut you a new key. </p>

<p>That might be expensive. I had to replace the key to my Honda and was shocked to learn that there's a chip in it that makes it about 30 times as expensive to replace as the kind of car keys I grew up with.</p>

<p>It still beats not having a key or a car.</p>

<p>Maybe they could put an announcement in the school bulletin.</p>

<p>As of last night, friend's husband had gone to the dealership with all necessary paperwork including a signed statement from her since she is the registered owner (Big fight since they said they had to have her there in person to make the key. Took them awhile to get the picture that she couldn't actually get there).
They did post a sign at the place where the keys were left. No xc practice on Friday...
Made announcements at school on Friday.
Called the local paper to see if someone had placed a "found" ad. Unfortunately, the cutoff time for placing an add had passed earlier on Friday and the person had gone home. We'll have to wait until Monday to see if anyone places an ad.</p>

<p>I am sure that whoever has the keys was only trying to be helpful, but what a mess it has turned out to be. Thanks for the suggestions.</p>