If you get in...

<p>Try not to take Organic Chem II.. or any NYU Bio course. Unless, of course, you have to for your major.</p>


<p>And also avoid Calc II. I and III are okay.</p>

<p>but since we have to take science classes, what would you suggest is a good science to take, apart from environmental science (if it even exists at nyu)? i bet physics is reeeaaaaalllllly hard!!
RoKlein- why do you say that about bio? is it really hard too??</p>

<p>A majority of students just have to take "natural science" courses, not hardcore ones.</p>

<p>If you have to choose between bio, chem and physics @ nyu.. go for chem. If you take it with Miller in the spring it's a pretty easy A, too.</p>

<p>Lastly, Bio is pretty interesting in general (it's one of my majors); however, Bio I and II at NYU are incredibly difficult because the professors (a new one every week) are all terrible... the questions are poorly worded... and the powerpoint presentations are just useless.</p>

<p>AH Calc II was the death of me! and Calc III is not any better!</p>

<p>make sure you realllllllly research math professors, especially for the lower level courses. some are completely horrendous.</p>

<p>kullucka_lh3- you are required to take two science courses at nyu. you don't necessarily have to take your basic chem/bio/orgo/physics or the like... they have many programs through MAP (Morse Academic Plan--aka the bane of nyu's existince)- called Natural Science courses. they have many different offerings- for example einsten's universe, how things work, human genetics, brain and behavior... and a LOT more.</p>

<p>I am currently in Gen Chem II, and it is really not that bad. All of the things you need to know are spelled directly out for you, and as long as you go to lecture, do your work, and do a decent amount of studying before the two major exams and the final, you should be okay. And Professor Halpin is pretty awesome, he's a really nice guy.</p>

<p>for Orgo, I hear its really tough, as it is anywhere. I hear there is a decent curve though...</p>

<p>Yeah there's a curve.. but in order to get an A you need to be 25 points above average. Not that easy.</p>

<p>I think I'll just take environmental science....and since I'll probably fail my AP Enviro exam I have to take 2 classes ugh. at least I'll get credit for econ.</p>

<p>There's no point in researching the math profs, since the lower level classes (calc I-III, linear algebra) are usually taught by grad students that don't really have a prior history of teaching at NYU. </p>

<p>Just remember that the class averages will be ridiculously low, but they curve so it's ok!</p>

<p>I took Plato to Pluto (astronomy class) for my nat sci requirement. Pretty easy.</p>

<p>The only class I would warn people away from is WTE, but that's a req :( What can you do...</p>

<p>nyu offers a human genetics course?! :-O awesome!! thanks!</p>

<p>oh, what do u guys think of a major/minor combination like this one:</p>

<p>Finance (Stern) + Econ and Math (CAS)[double major] + Chinese (minor at CAS if it's still offered). is it pretty much impossible?? what if instead of econ and math, i decide to take Actuarial Science as a co-major? Is this EVEN harder???</p>

<p>bio is raping me like no other. </p>

<p>and the gen chem II exam today was kind of a b i t c h. </p>

<p>i'm not really looking forward to next year with orgo and molec cell.</p>

Finance (Stern) + Econ and Math (CAS)[double major] + Chinese (minor at CAS if it's still offered). is it pretty much impossible?? what if instead of econ and math, i decide to take Actuarial Science as a co-major? Is this EVEN harder???


<p>What, you want to triple major and minor? I'm so confused. And yeah, a triple major is totally impossible within 4 years. </p>

<p>There are 76 credits of required Stern core classes. The joint econ/math major is 18 classes, most of which will probably be 4 credits. Then to tack on finance and Chinese? Even if you can pass out of a bunch of classes, probably the most you could get out of would probably be the math req and nat sci (econ requires a more rigorous stats class so you can't get out of that). No, no way, not unless you want to be in school for 5-6 years.</p>

<p>I'd recommend that you just take the Econ theory track at Stern (see the curriculum worksheet here: <a href="http://w4.stern.nyu.edu/uc/currentstudents/advising.cfm?doc_id=6366%5B/url%5D"&gt;http://w4.stern.nyu.edu/uc/currentstudents/advising.cfm?doc_id=6366&lt;/a&gt;) and take one or two finance classes. You can probably take one or two extra math classes and get a math minor if you really want to, but it's not necessary. If you're fluent in Chinese, you might only need a couple of classes to get a minor in that.</p>

<p>imcoolnow- oh man yea that gen chem II exam today was pretty difficult. That one question where you had to find equal amounts of CO and CO2- i think it was 5b.... was so hard.</p>

<p>And about researching the math profs for lower levels, all the teachers that were teaching the calc 3 classes had reviews on them, so I was able to do some research. But it just sucks that they switched to a different professor from the one it says on Albert.</p>

<p>and about that orgo curve... damn 25 points above the average for an A? is that even possible? do you know how hard it is to get like... a B in orgo?</p>

<p>dancergal, are you pre-med?</p>

<p>Dancergirl.. you had momin didn't you? haha I'm in that class too.</p>

<p>(and I also had done my research)</p>

<p>So.. being a bio major at NYU is pretty much going to suck, isn't it?</p>

<p>Is it true for all colleges? I mean premed is not an easy course to take..</p>

<p>imcoolnow- yes i am pre-med</p>

<p>RoKlein- i was actually supposed to have Newman (i believe that was his name..). I think a lot of the Calc professors got switched around actually.</p>

<p>oh, no, no, no! i was thinking of majoring in finance (one major at stern) and economics and math (one major - at cas). this is confusing i know, but economics and math is offered as one major at CAS; at least, that's what a catalog of majors says. i think it's impossible too, but idk... oh, and chinese... haha i'm not fluent. i don't know one word in chinese. OK! i know ni-hao, but nothing else. lol. i plan to start it from zero. impossible, right?! :(</p>

<p>ok, how about double majoring in actuarial science and finance. both require lots of stats and math, i guess.</p>


<p>I'm going to be majoring premed also..</p>

<p>Before I enroll NYU, is there anything I should know about?</p>

<p>Like what classes to take and what classes to not take..Which prof is good and which prof is bad?</p>

<p>Honestly, how is your overall experience there? Do you recommended NYU? Any regrets? What are some good things?</p>

<p>I'm sorry if I asked too much..</p>

<p>Just wanna make sure that NYU is the place I want to go..</p>

<p>share your knowledge. Thank you! :)</p>

<p>gaia87- wow, i am definitely the LAST person to ask... mainly because I've had a rough year and I am extremely unhappy. NYU is a wonderful school for many, but just not for me. It doesn't really feel like "college" to me, moreso that I live in the city and take class at NYU. It's very independent, and after almost a year here, I've realized it's just not my style. If you don't mind being independent and think you will like the lack of a college atmosphere, then it may be the place for you. And my biggest regret- choosing to come here. But like i said, it's just not the school for me. Other than that, I regret not getting a room change earlier in the semester. My roommate is nice and we get along, but we aren't really friends, so that severely hurt my social scene, being that a lot of people start making friends with their roommate, and then start to branch out or whatever. But besides that...</p>

<p>At NYU, you can't "major" in premed. You major in any subject ,and then you can take all your pre-med requirements (Gen Chem, Bio, Orgo, Physics, Calc I (sometimes Calc II as well) and English/humanities (1-2 semesters). When you get here, you are going to have to take a bunch of required classes, like Writing The Essay (kill yourself NOW- it's so so much work, everyone hates it, everyone takes it.), Conversations of the West (a english/philosophy course that is not too bad or terrible, depending on the professor), World Cultures (Caribbean with Kahn is supposed to be the easiest, I'm not sure though cause I have yet to take it), and an expressive cultures class (which is supposed to be really ridiculously easy). </p>

<p>For my freshman year, first semester I took Gen Chem I, Gen Chem I Lab, Calc 2 and ConWest Antiquity and the 19th century, second semester Gen Chem II, Lab II, Calc 3 and Writing the Essay. I took 14 credits each semester, when a lot of freshman take 18. I tried, but i was in tough classes and opted not to.</p>

<p>Gen Chem with Halpin is not bad at all. He's a really nice guy, and he's very fair with the grading as long as you do the work you are told. It is a lot of work and a lot more class time in comparison to all the non-science people... because you have lecture twice a week for 1:15 (in a big lecture hall with about 200-250 other kids), then recitation once a week for 1:15- there will be a quiz just about every week, and homework due just about every week, then clinic once a week for 1:15- which is basically a time to work on practice problems and ask questions and such. Also, there is lab, which is an hour lab lecture once a week (which no one really goes to, cause its a joke and no attendance is taken), and lab which is 4.5 hours, but if you finish early you can leave early. first semester, don't expect to leave early too often. i would usually stay 3.5-4 hours minimum.</p>

<p>If you are sure you wanna go pre-med, i suggest taking chem and bio at the same time, which a lot of freshman pre-med kids tend to do. I wish I did that, so I could double up on the easier sciences. </p>

<p>So I hope I answered all your questions, but feel free to ask me anything else!</p>