If you get into CAS, can you transfer into SMG

<p>or engineering or any other school soph yr at BU?</p>

<p>yeah you can. It's pretty easy to transfer between most schools at BU as long as you grades aren't bad.</p>

<p>how early can you transfer? I know that at SMG they work in groups so its better to start as soon as possible.</p>

<p>Hmmm...I wonder too, because I applied to BU CAS just so I could get in since I thought I'd just major in economics. I had a pre-conceived notion that CAS was easier to get into than a business dept. of an institution, ex. NYU. But the more I think about it, I want to major in business and now I wonder if I could've gotten into SMG.</p>

<p>i don't know about smg, but i transferred from cas to sargent in november of my freshman year with no problem.</p>

<p>You can transfer at Orientation this summer if your grades are good enough and they haven't filled up all the spots.</p>

<p>the thing is, i'm stuck on the fence between my two majors: math/comp. sci and comp engineering (math/comp sci. being in CAS and comp. eng being in the ENg school). When's the latest I can request a transfer? Do I have to transfer in the first year, and if not, how bad would it affect my class schedule, etc.</p>

<p>Yes you can. I have a friend who is a Japanese major (freshman) who is trying to transfer to SMG for Fall '09.</p>

<p>if you want to transfer over to smg, do it before you come to BU. call the registrar/smg upo's office now and say you want to change schools BEFORE coming to bu. i got into cas honors as a biochem major and switched into smg before summer orientation, it was no problem. </p>

<p>imo, it's alot easier transferring out of smg than into smg since all smg freshman take sm121/122. if you transfer in as a sophomore, you will end up taking sm299 which is basically a year's work crammed into one course and you will still be behind a semester from the rest of your graduating class (kinda), i.e. you will take core in the spring rather than the fall</p>

<p>you can transfer between schools, but that's not the problem. the problem is that when kids transfer they're behind in their requirements.</p>