If you got into OSU, PSU and Purdue, which one would you go to?

Ye i got into all three universities.
Honestly, the tuition is not a big problem.
Im not looking for a cheaper school, im looking for a better school.
Which one would you go to? I’ll be majoring in Hospitality Management or i might change it to just Business Management

Have you visited the campuses?

These all have much in common. In addition to Engineering, Purdue is especially known for Hospitality Management, and I understand that PSU’s program is similarly-ranked. For general Business majors, all three are good, but Purdue brags about its program having a quantitative emphasis, with a greater Calculus requirement than most others.

Do you have direct admission to your program of choice within each university? If not, that would be a good deciding factor.

One school that beats all of these schools in hospitality management rankings is UNLV. It’s number 3 in the nation next to Cornell and Michigan State. Also, you’re in the middle of Las Vegas! This means huge internship opportunities. If you have the grades to get into these other schools, you could probably get an in-state tuition waiver at UNLV.

It is near the end of admission cycle and OP did not seem to apply to UNLV.

For overall environment I’d say OSU/PSU and then Purdue.

I would try to find out what the average freshman class sizes are and then decide.