If you got your decision, please log the heck off!

<p>Busy server #@*$@#.</p>

<p>Hahaha. True that.</p>

<p>yesyess! there are some of us who havent checked yett!</p>

<p>Yes Please Log Off!</p>

<p>i was just about to post this same thread - thank you! i'm dying here</p>

<p>bump! still waiting!</p>

<p>Amen. I'm semi-panicking here. And I think I mispelt panicking.</p>

<p>haha this is a really great thread...im sooo anxious to check it but it keeps failing...</p>


<p>omg the suspense is killing me</p>

<p>I just keep remembering how I did my app for them really quick because there was a Christmas party across the street...</p>

<p>Logged off mate.</p>

<p>lol@ pamplemousse</p>

<p>Haha it was just so hard to concentrate that day. And now I'm just refreshing over and over at a page that refuses to load. How pointless. Yet I refuse to stop! Well for the moment at least.</p>

<p>i feel like they are making the server practically useless on purpose.</p>

<p>first they lose my transcript,
now this :(</p>

<p>How ironic it will be if I wasted all this effort in refreshing and I'm rejected. Ho-hum.</p>

<p>this is ridiculous! can't i just get my rejection and have some peace?</p>

<p>do i keep refreshing...because this could take a while...</p>

<p>ATTENTION: If you haven't noticed for the past 1.5 hours,
Problem loading page
The connection has timed out.
The server at ugadm.northwestern.edu is constipated.
Please try again in a few moments.
Try checking your computer connection.</p>

<p>Checked it, and I only knew about this for like 10 minutes.</p>