If you guess on the English Section

<p>I you guess on the English Section out of the choices A B C D whichever is the shortest for the entire English test, you would get a 15-16 score....</p>

<p>Pretty interesting heads up for those it can make you spot the shorter answers quickly to see if they actually fit.</p>

<p>Read this in my Kaplan book had to share.</p>

<p>do you mean whichever choice has the shortest answer attached to it?

<p>so, pick A?</p>

<p>The ACT likes to provide you with long-winded choices that make you want to choose them because you feel simple minded for liking the shorter answer. However, most of the time you just need to go with the simple, one or so word, answer. The ACT actually prefers clear, concise rhetorical to a lofty word jumble.</p>

<p>Pistolen: the type of question this thread is referring to (most generally) is choosing a one word answer over a ten word answer.</p>

<p>Also: if one of the answers is to "omit the underlined portion," then that's probably the answer too.</p>

<p>Oh also just read 25% of the questions on English test is also to keep it as is.... I'm not sure if I agree with this one all the way.. I see maybe 20% not 25% but interesting.</p>

<p>Yeah the Omit Underlined Portion is most likeley to omit it... So basically we have like 50% of the answers now lol.</p>

<p>I need all the help I can get with English. I'm not really sure how, but I got a 23E when I took it (only once). I got a 1240 (600 CR) on the SAT and 26 (28M 29R 25S 23E). I have never studied grammar in school, but I think that I wasn't really paying attention when I took it. So I should chose omit or the shortest answer when I don't know the answer. Sounds like a plan. </p>

<p>What is the best way to improve on the English section? I realized after the test that I should not waste time reading the articles on the Science section, and should just look at the graphs instead. I picked up the PR ACT book today, so I'll take a look at that. I just need a 28 composite, so I need to improve 5 individual points total. I am hoping for a 28 or 29 on the English section. I'm not sure how, but I think that since I've never studied English grammar, that my studies of Japanese grammar are interfering during the test. Does that make any sense?</p>