if you HAD to choose between an accounting or finance major

<p>which would you choose and why?</p>

<p>Finance because I like the idea of wearing designer clothes on wall street, while talking to CEO's.</p>

<p>What does it mean to you what random people on CC would choose? What does each concentration mean to YOU? I know a girl who is at Wharton studying finance, and a girl who wants to study accounting at USC. It has no bearing on what major I'm interested in.
Find out more about each field and make the decision for yourself. CC also has a forum for business majors; read through that.</p>

<p>Finance, much more versatile, lucrative, and in-demand degree. Plus not nearly as boring :).</p>

<p>When I was in grad school (U of Conn, MBA) we were only permitted to list one concentration on our degree. I asked a professor whether to list my Finance or Accounting concentration and I was told that Finance was preferable.</p>

<p>I wound up working in the accounting department of a large investment bank. I found that you could get an accounting job with a finance degree but it was harder to get a non accounting finance job with an accounting degree.</p>

<p>Proudpatriot, that's interesting because from what I have heard its the opposite. That you can get both accounting + finance jobs through an accounting major and that finance majors were limited to finance jobs.</p>

<p>^I've also read that a lot, too. That accounting opens more doors.</p>