If you were...

<p>.. the admissions officer at Wharton, how positively would you look at a student who compliments a typical Wharton application with a 4th place in a national virtual stock exchange competition (1st from school)?</p>

<p>Umm..i would prbly look at it as a minor award.</p>

<p>Would it not show commitment to business/finance?</p>

<p>It lasted for over a month and everyday I spent at least an hour, if not two, researching firms and seeing which were viable for investment. If I were to put this in my application, I don't know where.</p>

<p>Also, I run a business which revolves around creating household appliances from glass because Hong Kong has no mainstream glass recyclers. I submitted the design of my product to a national competition run by the local newspaper which then selected it along with 6 others. I then travelled with the creators of the six others to an expo in Shanghai to showcase the product and advertise it (not to mention advertise it in Hong Kong before I was selected). Would the competition compliment this and display my passion for business?</p>

<p>I think that it definitely would if you develop it. Listing it as just something that you did, it will be overlooked as another extracurricular, though impressive. On the other hand, if you write about it and seriously show the passion you had for it, then it will be viewed in a different light.</p>

<p>^i agree
I think this sounds like an amazing thing that can only help your application. How many were involved in this program? Make sure to give the review committee a sense of the accomplishment of beingnon the top 4 nationally for this program and number 1 for ur school. If you can not work an explanation of the program/what it has done for u seamlessly into an essay, you can always include it in the 'additional information' section of Common App. (just make sure to include a note for reviewers to remember to take a look at this section). While I've not heard of this program, mainly because I am not a business-y oriented person at all, i'm guessing that a top caliber business program like wharton is aware of these opportunities.</p>

<p>Good luck!</p>