If your school doesn't rank what would they do?.....

<p>My school doesn't rank, and like for some schools (university of miami), you have to be in the top 7%-10% to get some scholarships. So what would happen? beacause for all they know, you could be in the 25%, or you could be in the 1%...would they just disregard the ranking? or what would they do???</p>

<p>My school doesn't rank and we have no GPAs, just comments and designations such as honors, high pass. We send more kids to ivies than all but 9 schools in the US. Don't worry, either they know your school or the form the school sends with your transcript tell the school norms.</p>

<p>Does your school give ranges on the transcript? Most that do not rank will put on the info that goes with the transcript the GPA where the top 10%, 25% and 50% begin and thus the college will be able to tell if you are within one of those ranges. When there is no info on rank, the college actually does its best estimate based on what it knows about the high school from experience.</p>

<p>If your high school doesn't rank, some colleges/universities will use other information to award scholarships (based on personal experience, 3 schools). My advice is to call each school and talk to a human being about it.</p>

<p>my school does not give ranges on the transcript...i guess i can call U of Miami...</p>

<p>If your HS doesn't rank, they'll probably put a N/A on the counselor form. In that case, your GPA will be looked at more closely, and the colleges will try to see where you relatively stand. Like drusba said.</p>