IF You're A Scroller......

This pertains to social media - FB, Twitter, Instagram. So truly not being rude but if you don’t partake, no need to respond (only said because CC has a history of people seemingly to love to brag about how much they hate social media or would never join FB or whatever - which is a real drag when you’re trying to discuss use on social media!)


What are your scolling habits these days? More scrolling since COVID/Social Unrest? Less scrolling because of all of it? More or less due to more time or less time on your hands???

Conscious efforts to decrease or increase?

Do you recognize this scrolling to be helpful…or hurtful for your mental health???

I monitor my screen use each week (get a report on Sundays!) and I know my scrolling time has increased. Lots more time on Twitter keeping “updated” or drowning in content to be updated (or so I think).

Instagram feels more like a refreshing scrolling. Still news and expression of views and what’s happening in society but also a nice dose of just stuff to entertain me - food, decorating, inspirational stuff.

What helps me a bit to reduce scrolling time is to make sure I always have a book loaded on my Kindle. I’ve been picking one series at a time to watch on Netflix or the like (one episode of something a night - I try to limit tv time too!)

Facebook is mostly close friends and relatives. I’ve kept it very small. I have no problem ignoring friend requests. A fair amount of feel good stuff - a fair amount of politics. I belong to one favorite author’s fan club and a couple of sites that show art work.

I use Instagram almost exclusive for looking at art. I got on because of a Chinese Painting Class I was taking and the teacher would mention various artists she follows and some of the people in my class were posting work there. I really like my Instagram feed which is almost completely free of politics.

I refuse to join Twitter, because I think it would suck me in, but I do read a fair amount of stuff that originated there when people share it elsewhere. There are people I wouldn’t mind following there, except you know, the sucking in part.

^^^I think that Twitter IS more time sucking for me - partly I receive so much info on it (lots is work related but also so much news, current events, etc. )

Scrolling FB obsessively since lock-down. But I have a bunch of joyful stuff in there to counterbalance the rage-inducing stuff. And I follow down a lot of interesting rabbit holes. :slight_smile:

Twitter about the same. I don’t really do Instagram. Facebook way less. I can’t handle the politics. Mostly I use Facebook to see what everyone’s kids are doing, and for the last 6 months the answer to that question is mostly catching up on Netflix.

I have a lot of parents of my kids’ friends who I am Facebook friends with whom I vehemently disagree with on about everything pandemic and politics related. They are fundamentally good people mostly, but I like them more when I don’t have to hear their views on politics.

FB: Deactivated it 3 years ago after the election. Reactivated it in March bc of pandemic. Deactivated it last week after recalling why I hate it so much (politics and endless “so proud of” sentiments and pictures of meals people are eating each night). Sigh.

IG: Never been a fan. Check it 1-2 days; to view fresh flowers and an acquaintance’s new baby pix.

Twitter: My downfall. Endless memes. Numerous dog videos. Captivating new book reviews. College campus updates. And all the endless political storms being highlighted that yes, depress, me but suck me in nevertheless.

So then I just donate money to various underdog races that I hope have a chance to succeed. My own therapy of sorts.

And I’ve discovered Reddit and PoshMark.

Well, a lot less scrolling here then the last few months! But otherwise I don’t think it’s all that different. There’s a new word out -doomscrolling, and and lots of online advice on ways to break the habit. Now we refer to excessive news watching as “doom watching”.


Nearly all of my fb friends have been posting very little in the past few months. Not much to scroll.

They do text or email and I find them more open about routine goings on. (How they had a picnic in a park, socially distanced from the friend they met, took a quick hike before picking up the yogurt at the farm, how they changed up some recipe, etc.)

Kinda sounds precious, but I’ve been learning new things about them. We’re all worn out by quarantine and the texts or emails feel like a more personal share. Not so much a broadcast.

Not big on social media. Have about 60 FB friends–mostly relatives. I rarely post, but nice to see others’ photos/news. Delete political stuff. Not on Twitter or IG. Have snapchat for immediate family.
To escape the endless bad news and politics over the last few months I found myself wasting quite a few hours on “mindless” aps like Sudoku (3:30 is my record) and “paint by number” that I find relaxing. Sometimes I just don’t want to read stuff! I hardly even get on CC like I used too. I’ve never felt this way before, but I’m surprised how I’ve come to enjoy these mindless things. Just stress relief I guess.

Facebook and Instagram scroller. Don’t do Twitter.

I’m finding myself scrolling less during the pandemic.

Part of it is I’m pretty busy with political and nonprofit work right now, both of which require me to check facebook regularly as I am an administrator for several related pages and groups.

Not a parent, but I scroll Reddit a lot for memes and interesting posts of subreddits I am a member of, some front page, but ignore politics because of the echo chamber. Easy way to pass lunch break at work.

I don’t have a Twitter account, but I actively read certain accounts usually pertaining to sports.

TikTok for memes and entertainment, though I have no account and plan to delete the app before school rolls around so as to not be tempted to waste time. Also privacy concerns.

Using it much less although I’ve never been a daily user anyways. Most of what I was seeing was bringing me down. Have been reading more books, listening to music and podcasts.
My 22 year old son just deleted all his social media- said it’s too much of a time suck- he’s reading more books and learning guitar with his freedom :slight_smile:

I’m not on FB or Twitter. Early on, I deemed it not good for my mental health and have steered clear of it, even if it means I’m out of the loop.

I’m on IG and I love it. My IG feed is full of national parks & barbell gyms. It’s a positive place for me.

I do scroll the news feed on my iPhone far too often, and that is not a happy place.

I also scroll Podcast Episodes to see if any good ones have just been dropped.

Interesting prospectives. Some doomscrolling, some reduction in scrolling.

My weekly screen time was up this week according to my weekly report this morning. Surprisingly, this report makes me more conscious during the week (the virtual hand slap I guess!) so I’ll try to reduce.

I think I also need to be more cognizant how I"m feeling when I’m scrolling. Am I smiling - or is there a pit in my stomach?!

For a while, I realized I was falling into this trap, then I stopped.
Beware Doomscrolling:

I use Facebook and Twitter most days but try to restrict what I see to mostly upbeat stuff. If someone posts things that don’t add to my day in a positive way I hit the “snooze for 30 days” button on Facebook or unfollow or whatever. I’m in a couple of fun groups on Facebook- one devoted to memories and photos of my hometown back in the day is particularly smile-inducing.
On Twitter I follow the National Earth Science Teacher’s Association, NASA, a local Master Gardener, etc. I try to stay away from political posters.

This is the only site on which I’m registered.

However, I lurk on Instagram and blogs. My pandemic goal is to concentrate on Instagram accounts with beautiful photos.

Not always successful.

Oh, I’m an addict for sure and I know it’s not healthy. It’s more since the pandemic. My screen time for last week was almost an average of 5 hours a day!!! Omg! It’s typically around 3, which is too much to begin with. I almost wish I never bought this iPad.
I don’t work anymore, so that’s part of the addiction issue.

I need to get some books, because it does help.

I really don’t want to go back to work, especially right now, but I definitely need to do something else.

I have a couple hundred FB friends, some private groups and I instagram influencers and celebrities.

Quora is my other spot to lose time On reading

I support scrolling that brings you pleasure! Of course unless you’re spending the whole day doing it. :wink:

It’s the news or current events or COVID stuff that can turn it all ugly and maybe not healthy.