If you're considering Scripps..

My daughter is a junior at Scripps. She has had a wonderful experience there! She says it’s ideal, a small women’s college within a mid-sized university, when you combine the 5C’s, and she has taken classes, had research ops, and participated in programs on all the campuses, except Mudd. The teaching has been excellent, and even in this time of coronavirus and distance learning, the profs have made an effort to keep things going and keep up the quality of their education. She says the worst prof at Scripps was better than most of her high school teachers, and she had some great teachers in high school.
We were concerned about the class discussions as she is shy to speak up. Professors find ways to get the students to participate, and she is now a pro at giving presentations, without hesitation. In addition, she has gotten the opportunity to get to know her professors and advisors and obtain research opportunities (until covid struck).
She studied abroad last semester and said the Scripps study abroad office was far more helpful than the offices at her classmates’ colleges.
Socially, she has made wonderful lifelong friends and finds there is always something to do. She’s not into partying, but there are other options, and you have the benefit of being near five campuses.
I know it is a difficult time for the seniors who are making decisions without the benefit of an admitted students visit and uncertainty about the near future… We hope they are able to open the campus sooner rather than later. Best of luck!

thank you for this!

Thank you for this! I’m a rising senior looking into Scripps and I wanted to know, if possible, how it fared in terms of the pre-med track if you knew anything about that. :slight_smile: