Ignatius Scholarship

<p>Son received a 12k scholarship today. We are very thankful, but that still leaves a very large tuition bill......was 14k the max this year?</p>

<p>I don't know what the max was but my daughter received 10,000--the lowest of all her merit awards from Jesuit universities. This was pretty disappointing because we don't qualify for need based aid so, yes, it leaves a huge amount left to be paid by us. Congrats on your son's acceptance and scholarship!</p>

<p>Would you mind posting their stats? I am still awaiting my letter, and want to have a good idea of what to expect.</p>

<p>@Liddekiddle yes max is 14K.
@luvsgelato on your D's other merit awards make sure they are guaranteed for 4 years. Some schools will only guarantee on a yearly basis so it most likely be less every year. Ignatius is for 4 years the student just has to remain in good academic standing. Again everyone make sure wether the scholarship they are offering is guaranteed.</p>

<p>My D got the $14,000 scholarship. Her stats are 32 ACT, 3.97 GPA lots of AP classes.</p>

<p>Yes, all her other merit awards, the largest is 17K per year, are guaranteed for four years as long as she maintains a certain gpa. Her stats are: 28 ACT, 3.9 gpa, all AP and honors classes throughout high school and athletic, academic and community service ECs with leadership positions.</p>

<p>If your child is wait-listed will they receive any possible scholarship information?
My child wait-listed will be at scholarship competition this coming weekend. Any tips?
Will wait-listed students receive any financial information if Marquette listed on Fafsta?<br>
This whole concept of accepted, wait listed, deferred etc is so confusing & stressful.</p>

<p>When our other son applied to MU 4 years ago he received 2 award letters - one for Ignatius and another one a couple of days later for Magis. From the posts here it sounds like the student gets one letter that includes both. Does anybody know if that is the case across the board?</p>

<p>We recieved a Magi letter today but Ignatius was not mentioned. We are very grateful for the award but it will not be enough. I am afraid they have combined the two programs into one award. If anyone received both will they please post?</p>

<p>My son received the Ignatius scholarship today. He received $14,000 per year.</p>

<p>My D also received a Magis award for $1500 per year. This was in the same letter as the Ignatius award of $10000.</p>

<p>@stlbballmom - Yes the two have been in the same letter at least since 3 yrs ago when my S received the award. Fafsa should be filed asap if you need based aid you will most likely get grants from Marquette.</p>

<p>Daughter received Ignatius $10,000 annually plus Magis $2,700 annually. Notified in one letter. Bear in mind that tuition usually increases and scholarship does not, but that is true at most schools. Marquette tuition for next year increased by about 1200 over this year. There doesn't appear to be a gpa requirement to maintain the scholarship, just student must maintain good standing, (very generous). Must consider all offer letters and total costs before making a final decision, plus of course the intangibles. Best of luck to everyone in their decision making.</p>