Ikea "Must Have's"/Quick Pick Up's

i have them under all my house plants!! :slight_smile:


I get all of my throw pillows at IKEA. It’s a good value, good quality, and a good price. Other favorites:

  • paper dinner napkins - way better than any I can get at the grocery store
  • dinner plates & bowls
  • various types of storage boxes
  • curtains & curtain rods

Speaking of meatballs, I also buy packets of dry cream sauce at IKEA:

I doctor the sauce with chanterelle mushrooms and use with this meatballs recipe.

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These are very good for rolling pastry on…or cutting cookies.

Oh forgot, we always stock up on boxes of Jublar (sp?) candles as well. Very cheap, no drip.

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Tea candles. And the fold up storage boxes for the closet. Have great little boxes for organizing dresser drawers. Skubb boxes.


Trip complete! Picked up some dining chairs - purpose of the trip - that will be fine for now, and that was their purpose.

Prices did seem a little higher but still “buys” to be had. Some of the extras I picked up:
The inexpensive kitchen towels
Extra vegetable peeler for my desk at work to peel my apples. :slight_smile:
Some pretty small beverage glass
The cork hotpads
A couple of picture frames
A few stocking stuffers
A jar of lingonberry - actually seemed to be less food choices unless I wasn’t looking in the right spot - didn’t see @BunsenBurner dried creme sauce.

A few other odds and ends I can’t remember. :slight_smile:
Was totally NOT busy and that was a pleasure.

Thanks for the suggestions!


I loved the roman blinds that D in Seattle had in her home and decided to replace my old style drapes in CO with those. We are not anywhere near an Ikea. But, I discovered when buying online that they will ship some items including those blinds. They look great! Added some layers to two windows for extra coverage.

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