<p>Hey i heard somewhere that we were supposed to read the illiad over the summer. is that true? And if it is, does it apply to SEAS? I have not recieved anything in terms of summer work besides reading Team Developers which i believe to have lost lol.</p>

<p>The SEAS people have a choice between Lit Hum and CC. Therefore, they don't have to take the Iliad course. Although I don't know if it gets mailed out to SEAS students, the letter on the package says it's from the Columbia COLLEGE department of alumni affairs, so I would assume it's just the Columbia College people who are mailed the Iliad.</p>

<p>Nope, only for College. SEAS kids can take either Lit hum or contemp civ or asian civ, which is normally done soph year.</p>

<p>Hey, my cousin got his in the mail this week.</p>

<p>He's CC.</p>

<p>SEAS can also split semesters in order to take half a yesr of CC and half of LitHum. I would suggest that incoming SEAS freshmen planning to take Lit Hum begin reading the Iliad ASAP; SEAS people were all behind on the first day and slowed down the class when I took Lit Hum.</p>

<p>hey! hold on there with your generalizations....SEAS ppl who take lit hum are usually way more mature and know how to balance their work since they are sophomores. Maybe it just seemed like they were behind cause they couldnt bullsh-t through it and make believe they had read the book when they didn't as well as the CC kids. I dont think any SEAS student takes lit hum as a freshman, i dont even think its allowed.</p>