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<p>OK, so i was planning on taking sat 2 us history, biology and math 2. i am in ap bio and apush right now in school. i am weak at math and got 2 b's so someone advised that if i get 750+ on math 2, it wont look that bad so my question to u guys is:
1. what prep books are good to prepare for sat 2 us history and bio that will guarantee a 700=+?
2. how do i get an 800 or close in sat 2 math, i am willing to put alot of effort?
please answer! thank you in advance bye</p>

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<p>As someone who is also "bad' at math, compared to other subjects, I'd advise against the SAT II math unless you really are one of those people who can buckle down and study.. But if you were, you would probably have an A in math even if it wasn't natural..</p>

<p>For US history, you probably will need to have finished the course. I took the SAT II after the AP exam in june and found that preparation for the latter served me very well. There is a new book by Larry Krieg I believe which is very good for both exams if you have the basic underlying knowledge. There are also cram packets, old ap mc, and SAT II online sparknotes tests for free on the internet if you look for them. Good luck!</p>

<p>For math, Khan Academy makes a great series of videos that is geared towards SAT math. If you have the blue book, then you can follow along with each problem, but he still puts the problem up on the screen in case you don't own it. I didn't really have to study for math since it's my strongest subject but I think it's pretty useful for those who aren't as good. Sparknotes also has their entire SAT Subject Test review books available online, so you can use those to study for US History and Biology.</p>