illegal aliens

<p>just saw something on CNN tonight... and most ppl get called racist for this, but ill give it a shot.</p>

<p>It's been a growing issue for a while, and don't you get ****ed that illegals come over and change the US culture?</p>

<p>For the sake of it, I know basically US blacks and whites relate to this, but not other minorities... just cause...</p>


<p>aren't you guys *<strong><em>ed? Amexica. *</em></strong>es me off.</p>

<p>p iss is censored? o.O</p>

<p>Well, I live in an apartment complex that's nearly all mexican (hispanic, for you PC people). I don't mind them as a people, or hearing spanish 24/7, but what I can't stand, I absolutely cannot stand, is their music. All they play is Mexican folk music and blast it out of their stereos all the friggin time. And every song follows like one of three beats, and most of them include accordians. And all you can hear is the beat, because they turn the bass up so friggin loud. I'm sorry, but I've been living with this for years now, and it just makes it so hard to do any work here (I have to go to the library almost every day, biking there). I wouldn't mind so much if it were American rap, because then it has a catchy hook or beat, and is varied. Hell, when some black people were playing motown outside, and were blasting it hella loud, I was so happy; it was the only time good music was being played in my apartment complex.</p>

<p>Sorry if I sound racist, but I'm not, it's just I can't stand that music 24/7.</p>

<p>it's not racist.</p>

<p>I wonder if they are legal or not. Government won't do anything if they are, sadly.</p>

<p>You should have seen the thing on CNN... watch it tomorrow night @ 8pm.</p>

<p>it has been reported that illegal immigrants cost the United States 40-90 Billion dollars anually. thats Billion with a B. Immigrants do not bother me, immigration is part of what makes America great, but illegal immigrants, or aliens i should say, bother me a great deal; because of the money they cost American citizens (im sure we have much better ways to spend 40-90 Billion dollars), the resources they consume which take away from the standard of American citizens (public education, public medical services etc) and they take jobs away from American citizens. Im not being racist, because illegal aliens come from many countries, and American citizens (and legal immigrants) come from many backgrounds. Illegal aliens (as a whole, not as individuals, dont get me wrong, i dont hate the individuals who are coming to try and make a better life for themselves and their families, its the concept as a whole) are one of my pet peeves, im all for legal immigration however. Immigration is an important part of America.</p>

<p>I'm coloured and I agree that it's not racist to oppose illegal aliens just coming over to the US. It is xenophobic and racist to oppose people who come to the US legally though to improve the country.</p>

<p>the fact is, they are ILLEGAL aliens. They're breaking the freakin law, and I'm perfectly happy deporting them or throwing them in jail.</p>

<p>I am perfectly happy with legal immigration though.</p>

<p>Does it really matter that much if they are illegal or if they are legal? I don't see how it should. As long as they are not criminals, and they work, then they should be able to stay.</p>

<p>Heard of Atzland? Most illegals don't give a damn about the US. Remember, Union and Constitution FOREVER. </p>

<p>It's like Rome 2000 years ago. You will understand, mekrob, that once you pay taxes and your kids are drafted, illegals are not.</p>

<p>odysseus, it's not xenophobic. Not everyone "betters" a country by coming legally. Liberals have brainwashed a lot.</p>

<p>The legal immigration quota must be lowered.</p>

<p>I am sure you have heard the old saying, "No one is above the law." That is certainly true for rich people like Martha, but it is not true for illegal immigrants. After years of illegal immigrants flooding our country, what did politians do in 1986 -- grant them amnesty. Why? Democrats think the illegals are expanding their Democrat voter base because the immigrants are usually lower income. Republican think illegals are good for the economy because they provide cheap labor to businesses. There is no reason to believe that any benefits derived from illegal immigrants cannot be derived from legal immigrants. The most significant down side of illegal immigration is that cheap illegal labor displaces unemployed Americans. We have a vast supply of unused labor in our inner cities. I have heard some people say illegal immigrants do jobs Americans won't do. That is garbage. If you raise the wage high enough, Americans will do any job. Our inner cities could be come a source of tremendous energy and industry if wages were raised high enough to attract people into the workforce and provide a reasonable standard of living. Illegal immigration prevents this. Governor Arnold had it right when he said illegal immigrants are "cutting in line." If 9/11 would not cause us to restrict our borders, nothing will.</p>

<p>while i agree with almost all of your points, thinkingoutloud, i think that, as my english teacher would say, "dropping bombs," by making such blanket statements isnt a good idea to help convince others of your views. Perhaps phrasing your ideas without accusing either particular political party of making decisions for any particular motive or motivation would be more polite, and more convincing. You make extremely valid arguements, about Americans being willing to do any job, the inner cities, wage depression and such.</p>

<p>Hey Oboe. I could care less what your thoughts are regarding my style of argument. Possibly you could express your opinion on the subject of the thread. I think that is most readers are looking for.</p>

<p>I am half mexican. I am also irritated by mexican music unless its mexican rap. First of all you guys need a better education in what happens at the border. Illegal Mexican immigration has been down considerably its not that big of a problem, the problem is Puerto Ricans, Chileans, Nicaraguans that make up more than 80% of illegal immigration over the border. And for the claims of how illegal immigrants dont fight in the military, your understanding of what goes on is completely altered. Most illegal mexicans do fight in wars such as the current Iraq war, why? Because after their term is over they get to become legal immigrants. Last point, Mexicans are not stealing jobs. Do you see mexicans coming over the border pointing at Walmart pointing to the white person in the parking lot "Hey Vato, lets steal that white mans job holmes". Why do you think Walmart and other companies hire mexicans? They work for less, however mexicans are unaware of the salary difference $1/Hour is better than .20 Cents an hour. These immigrants don't receive any benifits either so If an injury happens and they die, who cares. Also some evidence that may surprise you, American companies come to Latin America and take immigrants themselves and pay for their deportation. Lastly, I live in Chicago, there is a huge Mexican community,the police don't complain. You want to know why they don't complain? They know where they stay and they visit there point guns to their head and beat them asking for money. They threaten them easily, " If you don't pay me, I will report you to Customs". So please spare me with unsupported claims, all my claims I know from first hand experience.</p>

<p>If all illegal immigrants were to be kicked out of the country, then those jobs that they had would have to be filled by Americans. Thus, the businesses would have to pay them more, and where are they going to get that extra money from? From raising the prices of the products. When prices are raised, demand is much less, and thus those businesses would suffer. Some may even go out of business so now there are no jobs for those Americans.</p>

<p>im glad to know 80% are not mexican. that is false.</p>

<p>yes mekrob, that it would suck for the companies who only hired illegal immigrants. Amnesia what are you saying is false?</p>

<p>I agree with the point about Mexican folk music. I love some kinds of Spanish music, like salsa, but that accordion stuff is just grating!</p>

<p>I know how you feel Guate.</p>

<p>most illegals here are mexicans. ;)</p>

<p>it's true.</p>

<p>I work with illegal immigrants. I think that it's a tough issue because they aren't dangerous, they work really hard, and are good natured people. But they don't really have a right to be here illegally, and it's affecting our national security</p>