Illinois ACT Thread. Silverturtle, want to help get a full list? = D

<p>GL to everyone in Illinois (or any other state taking it) on the ACT tomorrow. Lets get this answer discussion going too so that we don't have to wait as long for the results = D.</p>

<p>Just taking a reading section and science section today then relaxing.</p>

<p>I don't have any significant incentive to fully exert myself, though I will help in compiling a list to the best of my abilities. I honestly have never taken an ACT section before, so we'll see how this goes.</p>

<p>This goes on your transcript. Both days do. lol at least at my school = (. Meaning nothing less than a 36 will suffice.</p>

<p>Thanks for the help though! Your "DGAF" mentality most likely = at least a 34 (accounting for the fact you have never taken one before).</p>

<p>Good luck everyone and I hope that you do better than you thought you would.</p>

<p>And ironically I practiced only the reading and science section today too. Now I'm relaxing, even though I really want to study for AP tests</p>

This goes on your transcript. Both days do.


<p>Yes, this was my impression after reading my school's handbook. However, according to a PSAE pamphlet published by the state, only the second day's scores must appear and that automatically (i.e., without permission) placing the ACT score is a violation of privacy. If my score is unfavorable, I intend to insist on the latter policy.</p>

<p>Anyhow, I wish the best to everyone taking the test tomorrow.</p>

<p>^ fantastic! I didn't know that.</p>

<p>^^ Yup yup.
You can get them off your transcript real quick.</p>

<p>Which is totally my intention, as I've taken the SAT, rocked that, and know nothing ACT- related. Will probably fail tomorrow. But its all good!</p>

<p>I'm in Oregon and I'm taking it tomorrow. Shooting for 34+. Good luck everyone!</p>

<p>I'm a sophomore in Illinois and I'm confused about the 2 days aspect of this. Do Juniors take a different ACT form each of the days (Wednesday and Thursday)? How does this work?</p>

Do Juniors take a different ACT form each of the days (Wednesday and Thursday)?


<p>The PSAE comprises two different tests: the first day is the ACT, a college admissions test; the second day has some state assessments.</p>

<p>The second day at my school, though I doubt it differs, is a test called "workkeys."</p>

<p>It is basically an extremely low-level assessment of basic skills. The questions are tedious, the skill are basically the ability to read and recite back.</p>

<p>Heh... I'm from Illinois, and the administration of my school is sort of going crazy over these PSAEs.</p>

<p>There was an intercom announcement today about how "The results of the PSAE will remain on your permanent record for SIXTY YEARS" and whatnot to try to scare us.</p>

<p>I'm in Illinois, and I'll be taking the ACT tomorrow!. I'm not too worried because I took the April 10th national one, and I got a 30. But I'm kind of mad at myself because I filled in colleges to send my scores to when I registered, so I have to do well on this one.</p>

<p>^^Yea, the second day is Work Keys for me too.
^My school is going crazy too! We have all these incentives to do well because my school usually fails so hard.</p>

<p>Does anyone know what time testing is supposed to start tomorrow?</p>

The PSAE comprises two different tests: the first day is the ACT, a college admissions test; the second day has some state assessments.


Ok, got it. Thanks!</p>

<p>^ Sophomores only take the Practice ACT tomorrow with no school on Thurs... hahaha wth is your school doing.</p>

<p>The PSAE isn't a big deal at my school. It's an above average/very good public school so I guess they know we want to do well anyway. 35+ or bust.</p>

<p>^Lol, yeah my school's system is messed up. We have no school tomorrow and then late arrival on Thursday. We're not taking any Practice ACT... It is a pretty competitive high school though, it ranks in the Top 10 in IL.</p>

<p>^ lol?</p>

<p>Ours is Fresh--PLAN (only thurs)
Soph--PACT (only wed)
Juniors--PSAE (both days
Seniors--None (with a senior ditch day on friday)</p>

<p>^Our having nothing might have to do with the fact that we took the PLAN in December already, though. ;) I would rather take a Practice ACT than have a day off, believe it or not. I like getting all the practice I can get.</p>

<p>Well, good luck!</p>