Illinois current CC student

<p>So I transfered back from Purdue this previous semester after realizing I want to go to school out in California. Im back at CC in chicago and doing very well this semester to make up for a crappy semester at Purdue. Im very interested in UCLA and was wondering if this is the route I would like to go should I go to school at a CCC for my soph year instead of completing my soph year at my current Illinois CC. If anyone thinks this would benefit me for admissions are there any CCCs I should look at in particular. I read that SMC was very good for UCLA transfers. Also im interested in majoring in Philosophy.</p>

<p>I read up about the TAP program with SMC and was a bit confused. Is this something that I could do for me Sophomore year if I were to attend a CCC. Is there a day that i must apply to this by because my Purdue gpa was around 2.9 but my current CC gpa will bring that way over 3.0. That second GPA wont come till early May though.</p>

<p>any thoughts???</p>

<p>Not too sure about TAP and how it works because my CC doesn't offer it, but if I were you I'd go to a CCC and try to get into TAP. The UC's say that the CCC you attend is not taken into consideration when applying so just pick one with TAP I guess. Good luck.</p>

<p>The problem is your an out of state student. Even if you switch to a CCC I think it is at least two years establish residency. (double check I could be wrong on this) So you will still not get the CCC priority consideration.</p>

<p>Ok thanks, yeah I emailed a couple ccc's to see if I can get in it.</p>