Illinois Inst. of Tech Comments?

<p>My son has some interest in IIT and I was wondering if any of you have some insight in this college. We're from Florida and would like to get an opinion from someone who's familiar with it. His Major would be chemistry.

<p>I dont know too much about the chemistry area put its a very respectable insitution for the tech field. I have been there once, my school did a project there and its a very nice modern campus (in a shady area). However, a lot of the kids are bright and always talking about formulas or tech solutions.</p>

<p>It has an awesome engineering program and is smaller sized for probably more individual attention. I've applied there and got accepted and I'm going there in two weeks to do my interview.</p>

<p>Overall, it's a pretttty good private school. However, it does have an odd FEMALE/MALE ratio (30% female, 70% male)</p>

<p>My friend goes there, and he constantly brags how hard the school is.</p>

<p>May be challenging but its rewarding. My psychology teacher earned her degree there and shes making a good salary.</p>