Illinois Institute vs Stevens Institute

Both small private engineering school.
Which one do you choose for any reason?

Haven’t been to IIT, but I can say that Stevens location is great: right across the river from NYC and just a 15 minutes train ride away.

Do you have any mind which small private engineering school is good?

They are both members of the [url="<a href=“”>"]AITU[/url] and both strong in STEM. I am a faculty member at IIT and I interviewed at Stevens when I was searching for a faculty position many years ago. I also had a PhD student who got his MS at Stevens. Very comparable for undergraduate studies.

I suggest that you visit both to see which fits you best. Illinois Tech is just South of downtown Chicago, connected by two elevated train lines and Chicago is a great city to be in. If you have any specific questions about IIT, I will be happy to answer them.

Thank you very much.