Illinois State Mandated ACT Discussion 4/27/11

<p>Guys, discuss the Illinois State Mandated ACT here.</p>

<p>for the prime number question, i put 40... not because i had 2 3 5 and 7, but because i forgot 2 and considered 0 a prime number (only because 30 wasn't a choice lol)</p>

<p>I thought writing and math was pretty easy. i prolly made stupid mistakes on math. Reading i felt rushed and some of the qs were confusing. Science was wierd also</p>

<p>it was 40 forsure 0 is not a prime number</p>

<p>I screwed up the reading, I think. Especially the first passage. Science seemed a little difficult. Although, the conflicting viewpoints seemed a bit easy.</p>

<p>What was the answer for the question with answers like:</p>

<p>A. 1km 15 degrees north
B. 1km 30 degrees north
C. 4km....</p>

<p>etc. i dont know if the degrees are correct.</p>

<p>it was the last option for sci. 4 km and 30 deg north</p>

<p>My general impression:
English - Easy
Math - Easy/Medium
Reading - Easy
Science - Medium/Hard
Writing - Very Easy</p>

<p>Overall, the test seemed to be very easy apart for a few questions on the Science section. There were almost definitely at least 2-3 that required outside knowledge which were more than I anticipated being. The Writing prompt was extremely easy this time to come up with points for this time I thought (I chose pro to restricting Internet time).</p>

<p>uc ant get a better writing prompt than that. i also said pro. reading was kinda confusing. who was ciel most like?....sylia or w.e?</p>

<p>Any idea on the question that asked about what would the resistance be if it was used in experiment 2 instead of experiment 1?</p>

who was ciel most like?....sylia or w.e?


Lizzie and the other aunt; I forgot her name.</p>

<p>***. didnt she start walking the railroad when sylia pestered her?</p>

<p>I think it said "who did she ULTIMATELY" end up like.</p>

<p>the end said she wanted a safe house like her aunts or something</p>

<p>the very last sentence of the passage gave away the answer. Posiedon60565 you're correct</p>

<p>also what was the reason for that random sentance. to undercut the aunts impression or to prove taht the aunts purposefully didnt tell her</p>

<p>the math question with the parallel lines where you had to find the angle...was it 100?</p>

<p>No, she didn't walk when Sylvie asked her to. The passage also stated that Sylvie didn't ask Ciel to move to Vermont with her because she knew Ciel wouldn't.</p>

<p>I said to undercut the impression. but i am not sure.</p>

<p>It was to undercut the assessment and 100 degrees.</p>

<p>I put 100.</p>

<p>i think i also said 100. dammit i didnt read the passage close enough. kinda rushed through it. i forget what i put for the "undercut" question but i def thought it said that ciel would move with her D:</p>