Illinois state University- double major English and history education

I’m a junior and so far Illinois state university is my top choice school because of the quality of their education department. I would like to be a highschool English teacher so I was planning on majoring in ISUs major called English teacher education. I also enjoy history and would like to make myself more marketable by being able to each more subjects. I’m Interested in history but not as much as English. I think it would be useful to double major in history and English (and education) so I can teach both subjects. I’m very unsure of how to double major

English teacher education
History teacher education

These are all the majors (there are also some minors) that ISU offers that I’m interested in. I’m not sure what I would major/ minor/double major in. I don’t want too hard of a course load and I know student teaching makes it more difficult to add classes because student teaching is the last semester senior year…

Does anyone have any experience with ISU or double majoring to become a dual subject teacher that has some advice?

I’m also very unsure if the English teacher education/history teacher education majors are double majors in themselves? Or if I majored in both, would the education credits serve to meet the criteria for both majors? Which subject would I student teach in (I like English more)?

So basically would it be better off to major in English ed and minor in history? Or double major in English ed and major in history also? Is that double major attainable in 4 years w the semester of student teaching ?

You need to look up the Illinois requirements for whether you need a degree in English/History education, or if just English/History is enough. I can tell you though that adding another subject credential isn’t an entirely separate major; it’d probably just be another class or two about History Methods, and possibly one of your classes that you student teach would be History. Sorry I can’t be more helpful, but the answer here really depends on the state. I’d contact the Education department at the school, or the Illinois Teacher Certification office, whatever that is. Good luck! Being able to teach two content areas is definitely a big plus (just be prepared to actually have to teach them :slight_smile: )