Illinois Tech Questions?

As May 1 approaches, I am happy to answer any last minute questions you might have about Illinois Tech (IIT). I have been a Physics professor here since 1983 and have held positions in administration as Associate Dean, head of Graduate Admissions, and Department Chair. i have mentored undergraduate students from all majors and have had ~20 Ph.D. students over the years. I have also been an Illinois Institute of Technology parent whose son graduated with an Electrical Engineering degree.

If I don’t know the answer, I probably know who to ask.

Fire away!

Hi @xraymancs ,
I am going to apply to IIT next year and I have a few questions :

  • What are the most popular majors at IIT?
  • I heard that IIT campus is located next to a dangerous neighborhood, is that true, will there be any problem when I walk to IIT every day ( I’m quite worried since I’m female )
  • Are the faculties at IIT as old as it is said to be?
    Thank you !

Hi @BreenFire I apologize for the delayed response. We just had a hectic week before graduation and I have had limited time for responding on the forum.

The most popular majors at IIT are Computer Science, Architecture, and Mechanical Engineering. The other Engineering majors are also quite popular.

If you are living on campus, there will be no problem. If you feel unsafe, you can call Campus Security for an escort. I have been at the university for 35 years and never had an incident. Of course, as with any urban campus there is always a possibility but if you remain aware of your surroundings, there should be no worry. I would say that the neighborhood is far less dicey than when I started many years ago. The Chicago Police HQ is adjacent to the campus and there are mixed residential neighborhoods surrounding the campus. My son lived in Bridgeport when he was at IIT and had no problems.

Some of the buildings are from the 1960’s but have been recently renovated. There is the new Innovation Center which will open this Fall and the students center is only about 13 years old. It is a mix. Laboratories are always being renewed.


I will second what @xraymancs is saying about the safety of IIT. I recently took a tour/visit of the campus and was pleasantly surprised how nice the area has become.

My daughter will attending IIT this fall and studying Computer Science. I feel very comfortable with her being safe there.

My daughter just spent four years at IIT. She grew up in a smaller city that is often ranked as one of the safest in the US and she is a small person and looks young. She was fine at IIT. I wouldn’t worry about safety any more than at any other urban campus.
My daughter says that the age of campus facilities has not affected her educational experience, and that in the four years she has attended there have been many renovations and improvements on campus, with more in progress and planned for the future.
My daughter has had a great four years at IIT, with many great opportunities. She graduates after her last few classes this summer, with BS and ME degrees, and has a job already.