Illinois Tech's Scholarship Deadlines - December 1, 2017

December 1, 2017 is the deadline for Illinois Tech’s Camras, Crown, Duchossois, and Leadership Academy Scholarships. Candidates for these select scholarship programs will interview at the Scholarship Symposium in February 2018.

Candidates for Camras Scholarships are selected by the Office of Undergraduate Admissions from the completed Illinois Tech admission application available through The Common Application. Camras Scholars enjoy full tuition benefits, leadership development, and enhanced access to research and community service opportunities.

No special application is required to be considered for the Camras Scholarships, however, scholarship applications are required for the Crown, Duchossois, and Leadership Academy Scholarships described below.

The Crown Scholarship is a full tuition program for architecture students and seeks candidates exhibiting creativity and ingenuity with a desire to pursue a professional commitment to excellence in architecture. Named after S. R. Crown Hall, Ludwig Mies van der Rohe’s masterpiece registered as a National Historic Landmark, which serves as the home of the College of Architecture on Illinois Tech’s campus.

The Duchossois Scholarship is a nationally preeminent, elite scholarship program providing full tuition, room and board, faculty mentors, and a summer educational experience. Past experiences have included the Engineering Leadership Conference in Australia, Earthwatch institute expeditions in Italy and the UK, teaching English in Sri Lanka, and volunteering at construction sites in Peru.

The Leadership Academy Scholarship is a distinguished and prestigious award given to students demonstrating exceptional leadership potential. Scholars enjoy full tuition benefits, exclusive leadership opportunities, experiential leadership development and training, and a certificate in leadership studies.

Apply for all applicable scholarships [url="<a href=“”>"]online[/url]

@xraymancs , a couple of questions about the scholarships:

  1. Do you know the number of recipients for each scholarship per year?
  2. I read a couple scholarship’s description, and surprised to find that there’s a “income cap”. E.g. one scholarships says students with family income above 200K would not be selected. Question is, which scholarships are pure merit based?

The Camras Scholarships do not have an income cap. The Duchososis Scholarships have a cap because that is the requirement of the donor who has funded the scholarships.

The number of awards made each year varied but the Camras are usually at least 3-4 dozen. The Duchossois are about 2-3 and the Crown is only one.

Thanks @xraymancs . How about the Leadership Academy?

I am not sure about the Leadership Academy Scholarships. It is relatively new and I am not involved in interviewing for it like I am with the Camras and Duchossois.

Can you give me an idea of the percentage of students who interview for the Camras scholarship who actually get awarded the scholarship (or, conversely, the percentage that don’t?). Also, is there a separate essay and additional recommendation letters required? If so, when do those need to be in? Thanks a ton!

The process is as follows for Camras. After December 1, the top 25% of the applicant pool is invited to the Scholarship Symposium for Camras. Once here there is an interview with a faculty member and a lot of chances for the applicants to get to know IIT and Chicago. The number of offers for Camras changes from year to year so I cannot tell you what the percentage is. This is determined by the Admissions Office and I am a faculty member not involved in that specific process. My guess is that it depends on what their estimation is for the number of awardees who will actually accept and the university goals for enrollment in the following year.

If you are nominated for the Camras, there will be a request for additional documents, primarily letters of reference. I am pretty sure that there will be plenty of time to send them in. In the past, I have seen them come in after January 15.

For my Common App, I had 3 letters of recommendation submitted on my behalf. For the Duchossois Scholarship Application, is there a way to pick which two of those three letters will go towards my scholarship application?

Not really, they will all be used.

@xraymancs, Do you know when the Camras nominations are released?

Should be by December 15.

Were the Cameras and Duchossois scholarship finalists already notified? Will applicants get something saying they were NOT chosen to interview? @xraymancs

Sorry about the delay. Yes invitees were informed in December. I don’t think the admission office will inform those not invited to Camras because selection for the Camras interviews is by nomination from an admissions counselor and not by application. For the Duchossois, I would hope that those who applied but wree not selected for the interview were notified but I will check.

The applicants for the Duchossois who were not selected were notified in December. Only about 10% of the 130 applicants were selected for the interview

@xraymancs My son took part in the Scholarship Symposium the last few days as a candidate for a Camras scholarship. It was a great experience overall and confirmed that he really wants to go to IIT. He specifically researched and had questions for the the faculty member assigned to do the interview. However, today (no doubt because of the all the snow), the assigned professor was not available and instead he had only a phone interview with a different faculty member. I’m concerned that the last minute change and the fact that he did not have a face to face interview might hurt his chances at the scholarship. Just wanted to get your take on this situation, as I know you’ve said before that it is hard to get a sense of the candidate from a phone interview.

That was unfortunate and I hope your son was not too frustrated about the interview. What is most important in these decisions is a combination of the faculty interview and the input that the Admissions office gets from the admissions staff who spend a lot more time with the students. It is not dependent solely on the faculty interview. The final decision is in the hands of the Admissions Office and not a faculty committee or individual.

I am glad that your son liked the campus and the students he met. The fact is that the Scholarship Symposium is just as much about your student interviewing Illinois Tech as the other way around. Whenever I do interviews (I did 12 this week) I try to make it clear that we want all of the invitees to enroll in the Fall!

@xraymancs Hello, my son also attended Scholarship Symposium this past weekend. Do you know when he will be notified if he got a scholarship or not? He really loved IIT and the whole experience.

When my daughter applied (2014) she was notified early March. Not sure if things have changed, but just in case, she received a small envelope in the mail containing her award letter. Don’t make assumptions based on the size of the envelope! Good luck to your son. My daughter graduates this summer, and has had a great experience with many wonderful opportunities.

I am not sure but I expect the notifications will be sent before our Spring Break in the second week of March. I’m glad your son liked the campus and the people on it!