Illinois Wesleyan Financial Aid

Hi! So I got into IWU, and I recieved decent money… But it’s not enough for me to attend… I’d have to receive $5k more from the school in order to go there and I’m planning on talking to the financial aid department if there is anything they can do. I’m wondering if anyone else was in a similar situation and if it was resolved? Thank you!

Are you an international student? And how much scholarahip and financial aid you have received?

Yes I am an international student & received $35k

I got only $31k. I have requested for at least full tuition scholarship

What did the financial aid department say when you told them?

Hi Jeetendra,
Thank you for reaching out to me with your concerns. I will bring your case to our Financial Aid Committee, and hopefully let you know soon what their decision is. Can you tell me if our financial aid proposal is similar towhat you received from other schools? Additionally, will your collegedecision be based mainly on financial aid?