ILR-->Human Resources Consulting

<p>I know I could look online but I would like to hear what this jop entails from someone who is/went through the ILR school. Too clarify, I am very interested in the ongoing effects of globalization but am ignorant to other aspects of the job.</p>

<p>HR consulting involves working out the kinks for effective recruitment, retainment, and development of employees...</p>

<p>not all of the fortune 500 do the same thing when it comes to employees...</p>

<p>or you might deal with things such as executive compensation, human capital, or training and development</p>

<p>Globalization is a big issue, but it's not dealt with much by HR consultants - perhaps management consultants who arrange the factories in china and such.</p>

<p>What do people in hr management do normally?</p>