I'm a current USC sophomore. I went through TTP, was admitted for the spring of '19. Ask me anything

For reference I’m a CS major, and went to community college before I transfered. Graduated high school in 2017. Almost finished with my first semester at USC. Figured I’d help out people who have questions about the program. AMA.

@LexLuthor56 Congrats on your acceptance to USC this spring! I have several questions for you regarding your experience:

  1. When did you receive your acceptance?
  2. Did you receive on-campus housing? If so, were you paired with another TTP student?
  3. Did USC offer any type of orientation for TTP/transfer students prior to attending?
    Also, any other experiences you’ve had (good and bad). Thanks!


  1. Late july
  2. I applied but didn’t get in. I don’t know any transfers that got on-campus housing either. Basically impossible to my knowledge.
  3. There’s a transfer orientation in November/December
    Other thoughts: don’t regret doing it, I loved community college. It gave me a good time to focus on my time management skills, organization, what I want in life, etc. (introspection). The first month or so at USC I mostly talked to transfers because they were all I knew from orientation/hang outs, it kinda sucked cause I felt like I was kept in a bubble. However I’ve joined a bunch of clubs and I’ve met people from my classes and I like it a lot now - I feel like a “normal” student here. Lmk if u wanna know anything else

Hey congrats on the acceptance! Was wondering if you hit the target GPA for TTP? Also did they tell you why you were admitted spring instead of fall? I’m a TTP applicant for computer science and I’m pretty worried about the decisions coming up because I know how competitive CS can be.

@sourkook Ya I got a 4.0, it wasn’t too difficult at community college. And my acceptance package said I was admitted for the spring

When did you get your decision? Did you get a SGR

For you TTP and transfers, if you are admitted by around May 15 and want USC housing sign up on the wait list ASAP. There is a good chance you will still get USC housing, but not your choice of unit or roommate. Roommates are random. Right now, USC housing is full and there is a waitlist. As the current students who are in USC housing for next Fall change their minds, their spots are being offered to mostly students on the waitlist. Otherwise, you might consider private housing.

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@LexLuthor56 Sorry this is really late, but did you include a letter of recommendation in your application? If so, how much do you think a letter of rec helped?