I'm a Freshman at JMU! Anyone have any questions??

<p>Hey everyone! I'm a freshman at JMU this year and I wanted to offer any answers that you might be looking for about the school/social life/classes etc. I am from NJ so I am an out of state student and I am an International Affairs major! Any questions, I'd be happy to answer! Application times can be frustrating and stressful so if I can help let me know!</p>

<p>Megan :)</p>

<p>...Megan as in Megan D...as in megan who i ate lunch with a few times and is in my ghist and posc classes?</p>

<p>hi! im wondering you could chance me...
im a junior, and i currently have a 3.4 unweighted but my school is on a 5.0 scale. i take all honors courses and im currently a junior. i'll probably get a 1800 on my SAT's and i have many extra curricular activities including:
-4 years varsity swim team
-4 years lacrosse
-church youth group
-school saferides program
-founder/president of my school club, Food for Thought
-volunteer at soup kitchens
-captain of relay for life team
-involved in clean the sound</p>

<p>this year i will be getting mostly A's i hope, and will hopefully get my overall gpa up to a 3.5. senior year, i plan on taking one AP. im currrnetly taking a passfail language course (honors) and i am in all honors other than math. </p>

<p>what are my chances?!</p>

<p>Hi Megan! I'd like to hear your thoughts on housing. Did you sign the 2 year dorm contract so that you will live on campus next year? Or, are you planning to live off campus next year? What do the majority of students do for their housing sophomore year?</p>

<p>@rockvillemom I can answer you there...</p>

<p>Dont sign the contract...at least I'm regretting it.</p>

<p>Unless you get a nice place on the quad dorm life gets old...fast. I personally regret signing it...maybe everyones different. Most people move off.</p>

<p>evafilan -
I think you have pretty decent chances. I would suggest maybe taking another AP class (I took 3 my senior year) and I think the hard courses I took senior year really helped me get in here!</p>

<p>rockvillemom - </p>

<p>A lot of sophomores decide to live off campus because it is sometimes cheaper! I will be living on campus next year (hopefully) because I am involved in a lot of different clubs and do not really want to be trying to get back and forth to campus all the time. I honestly do not mind living in the dorms. My roommate is great and I have a hall style dorm. It really depends on the individual person and how they feel about dorm living!</p>

<p>Spike511 - </p>

<p>Who are you? is this by any chance Eric because I definitely have GHIST and POSC</p>

<p>I just visited this weekend and JMU is my number 1 choice! How is the international affairs program? I'm deciding between that or possibly international business. How academically rigorous is the school overall?</p>

<p>I love my International Affairs program. There are so many opportunities. You can do a semester in Washington DC and intern there, travel abroad with internships, etc. The professors that I have had so far are great. I'm in a major course this semester and my professor is amazing. Freakishly smart, but he makes his lectures easy to understand and very interesting. </p>

<p>I am finding the courses to be challenging, some more than others. What I think is more important is that I'm learning so much. Some classes are easier because I'm learning and comprehending so much because it is interesting to me. I definitely have difficult classes and I am being challenged while learning a lot.</p>

<p>Hi! I was just accepted into JMU EA :) I'm highly considering double majoring in international affairs and Spanish, and from what I've heard, JMU is a great place for that. But I'm also looking at Virginia Tech as well. I love both schools, so I guess my question is which school is better know for international affairs? I don't even know if this is a question that you could answer...but anything you could tell me would be helpful.</p>

<p>Also, is it common for IA majors at JMU to double major in a language? What are some common majors/minors that people pick up in addition to international affairs? Thanks for your help! Can't wait to visit JMU in February.</p>

<p>Congrats on getting accepted! I have actually switched and added a major since last semester. I am now a Political Science (not a huge change for me, just concentrating in a different area!) and just applied to be in the Media Arts and Design program with a Concentration in Journalism (Double Major). </p>

<p>As for your question - Yes! It is common for IA and Political Science majors to double major in something, especially a language since you need to pass the intermediate level (300 I think) for an IA degree. Many people take language minors as well. Other double major/minors people do are SMAD (like me hopefully!), Justice Studies, Women and Gender Studies, some sort of humanities or philosophy, history, economics, etc. just to name some! There is also a Political Communications minor. You can also double major in Political Science and IA (it is possible, difficult, but possible!). You can pretty much double major/minor with anything. However, IA has a lot more credit hours toward the major so it is harder, but possible, to do than with a major with less credit hours. You just need to plan you college years well credit-wise. </p>

<p>I honestly do not know that much about Tech. I didn't apply there and am not from Virginia so I do not know a lot about it. However, I will say this. Look into both programs and see what is right for you! For me, I absolutely LOVE the Poli Sci/ IA department here at JMU, including the clubs and organizations within the school. The professors are great and I see a lot of opportunity here!</p>

<p>Hope I helped and if you have any other questions, let me know!</p>