i'm a freshman in highschool and was wondering if these psat scores were good

<p>National Tests
PSAT 09-10 () Date: 10/01/2009 Score: 0.000
PSAT 09-10 Critical Reading 50.000<br>
PSAT 09-10 Math 58.000<br>
PSAT 09-10 Selection Index 168.000<br>
PSAT 09-10 Writing 60.000</p>

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<p>Whether or not they are good all depends on where you want to go/what you want to accomplish. Look at the score range for a few schools that seems like ones you would want to go to. They will be reported something like 600-680; that means that 25% of their admitted students scored less than 600 while 25% scored above 680. If your scores are at the 75% level, then you are a solid prospect. To convert a PSAT score to an SAT, multiply by 10.</p>

<p>For the very top tier of schools, you need to get your composite score to about 230 on the PSAT scale; there are lots of good schools that will take people with 200 scores, and many perfectly fine schools that take scores drifting down from there.</p>

<p>What is good is that your scores are reasonably balanced, and you have plenty of time to improve. There are lots of ways to study the material on the PSAT, and lots of stories of people significantly increasing their scores over time. I would expect your PSAT to go up 15-20 points just on the material you learn in school. Some diligent self-study could double that.</p>