I'm a Frosh at Florida State, What can I do to get into a top tier business school?

<p>Hell ya'll, Im a rising sophomore and I am looking for advice onto what I should do in order to get into a top tier business school, I'll give you a brief background. I originally came into the school as a Pre-med major and after a month into the school year i realized that science was not my calling. I was in the process of pledging a fraternity and the fact that I struggled with the classes led me to receive a 2.88 GPA at the end of my first semester. I came back home during break and decided that I wanted to pursue a career in business, so I became a dual major in Finance and also Real Estate. I enjoyed all my classes and worked hard to earn a 3.55 GPA for the semester, leaving me with a 3.24 GPA at the end of my first year of college. My overall goal for a GPA when I leave college is a 3.6+ and I know that that is a definite possibility with my future classes. The question I have to ya'll is what other quest should I pursue as an undergrad? I plan to join the Real Estate club but is there any other programs or things I should look into to help boost my resume for Business school? If it makes any difference my goal is to work in commercial real estate when Im done with graduate school. Thanks for any help</p>

<p>Keep the grades up. Unfortunatley FSU doesn't carry a heavy academic reputation. Adcoms will likely have an eye on your GMAT score more than a lot of students who went to more reputable undergraduate institutions. If you've got the time to take a course for the GMAT, do it later in your college career because there is only a 5 year window for your test scores to stay current. After school make sure you get a solid job in Real Estate or finance (if you think you're headed that way after BSchool). Work for 3.5 to 4 years and do well in your job. Make sure you participate in activities outside of work where you are able to take on some leadership positions as well (I would advise doing things you like over things just to get your name on paper). Identify people who you think would be able to write you good letters of recommendation and start kissing ass about 1.5 years before you will pop the question on them. This would be mainly your bosses or important colleagues. Finally start to identify which schools best fit your personal goals and your GMAT range. Apply. Good luck.</p>

<p>Extracurriculars, leadership positions in those acitivities -> internships -> good job</p>

<p>Get a high ass GPA, and awesome work experience.</p>

<p>FSU's CoB has some nice ratings: FSU</a> Highlights</p>

<p>If you maximize your opportunities at Florida State the sky is the limit.</p>