I'm a high school freshman interested in this school; what can I do now?

<p>This school is at the top of my list so far, since it has pretty much everything I want in a college. However, I heard that it's incredibly difficult to get into it, so I just want to know how I can prepare myself now so I don't screw myself over later. Right now, I'm not doing any clubs, unless taking orchestra with a couple of sectionals scattered around counts. The thing is, none of the clubs really interest me, except for the gaming/anime ones that frankly probably won't look good on a resume. I'm not very used to volunteering either, having done only 10 hours in 8th grade for National Honor Junior Society, and I was not honestly interested in it. I feel like doing all these extracurricular would only mask up who I really am, but maybe I'm just trying to get myself out of doing all the extra work, lol. In any case, I'm sure academics will not be a problem, as I am taking all advanced courses where applicable and have straight A's. (so far!) I'm Hispanic, I'm on the lower end of middle class due to my parents being immigrants, (I seriously hope financial aid can help me in this department) but I'm from Katy Texas, so that's a bit of a downgrade. So what should I do now? Join a bunch of clubs just for the heck of it?</p>



<p>While this may not be the most popular subject at a bar, IMO, I don’t see this as a negative for Rice at all. Showing true passion in something (no matter what it is) is markedly superior to joining a bunch of clubs you don’t care about. Being involved for a long time, showing leadership and initiative </p>

<p>So if I formed a Smash Bros club (a favorite game series of mine), that would look good? OK, what else then? Seeing other threads, it seems like the amount of work needed to get in seems to be a lot, and even when it seems like its a lot, it’s called “a stretch”. Should I be caring about that when I’m only a freshman though?</p>