I'm a Junior, taking drivers ed. Will it affect my gpa?

I have a A for my drivers ed, but a D for my behind the wheel.

Will behind the wheel affect my GPA?

Will the university not like it? Will they see my behind the wheel grade?
Does it go to my transcript?

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That’s a question for your counselor, but I doubt it.


We can’t answer for your school. You need to ask the teacher or a counselor.

At our school it goes on the transcript and is calculated into the GPA like any other class. Some schools may include it in the transcript but not the GPA. Some may do neither.

Most colleges will recalculate your GPA with core classes only, so it wouldn’t affect you much unless it impacts your class rank.

I think you should improve your behind the wheel skills. Those are VERY important.

Your school can tell you if drivers Ed is included in your GPA. Very school specific.

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More importantly the driving skills grade is needed to lower insurance rates.


The bigger concern is that you received a D for your behind the wheel skills. I urge you to ask your parent or guardian to take you to a safe area where you can practice driving. The ultimate goal is that you learn to drive safely and confidently. This is for YOUR protection, as well as the protection of other drivers.

In answer to your original question, does your school factor that grade in to your final GPA? You’ll need to ask them. I expect most (all?) colleges will recalculate your grades without the driver’s Ed course, but it depends on the colleges.