I'm a U.S. citizen and I want to attend the Navy (Naval Academy) but my parent's are undocumented...

I was born here in the U.S. but my parents, unfortunately, weren’t. I’m still in high school but I’ve been looking at schools I would like to attend and careers I would like to pursue. Growing up has never been easy, to say the least. Watching the news every now and then about immigrants and illegals entering the country traumatized me to the point at which I felt uncomfortable and not accepted around other American people. Throughout these couple of years, I’ve started to see that not everybody is the same. We are all not perfect. Seeing my parents work day and night made me want to show them that I can do it too by studying. I’m first-generation and it’s not easy. Me being the oldest I have to set an example to my younger sisters to make them know that anything is possible that not just because our parents are any different they should be treated any differently. I’ve always had an interest in the navy even the name has always sounded so powerful and full of meaning to me. I want to become a doctor in the navy. Being first-generation puts so much pressure on you. I always had kept the idea of attending the navy to myself never once did I mention it to my parents till recently I told them about my interest. I’ve always wanted to set an example not just to my family but to everybody out there dealing with the same problem. The only thing keeping me back is them. I don’t want to attend the navy if it means them dealing with problems with the government. I don’t want to see them being deported. I want to see them with me in the future, with me providing them with everything they once provided me with. So, my question is, if I attend the navy will there be any risks for my parents of being sent back to their country or is there a risk of them getting involved with the government in any way that might harm them?
Thank you so much!!!

This issue has nothing to do with the Navy or any other branch of service. Your parent’s status exposes them to certain risks but not because you join the military.

As an American citizen, once you are 18, you can enlist in a service or apply to a service academy completely independent of your parents; they are not part of this process. We did not participate in our son’s application to USMA at any level and were never contacted by the academy or the Army as the military is only interested in the applicant, not the parents.

Thank you so much for the response!! You don’t know how much of a relief this brings to me!!! Thank you!!

Feel good post of the day. Regardless of whether the OP plans to attend a service academy or a civilian college, he has head on straight and will be successful.

Another alternative to look into would be to try for an NROTC scholarship. Same commitment post graduation as the Naval Academy. You will be a commissioned officer.

One place your parents might have trouble is if they try to visit you on a base. They’d need to show approved identification like a gold star driver’s license or passport. I don’t think this should stop you from applying to service academies or joining the navy, just be aware of it.