I'm a USC CS Sophomore, Ask me Anything!

Hello! My name is Amy and I’m a sophomore trustee scholar at the University of Southern California as a Computer Science major. Feel free to ask me anything about admission into the Viterbi School of Engineering, about student organizations or even about being a white woman in a CS program, and about my plans post graduation!

Hi! What did your extracurriculars and awards look like? I’m applying as a CS major too this fall but I don’t have any CS-related awards, and I’m wondering if that will be a big disadvantage.

Below is the profile my S21. What are his chances of getting admission for CS or CS+econ majorwith Univ of Southern California?

Race :Asian, Male.
GPA : 3.82(UW) 4.8(W)
AP Courses :
5’s : AP Lang, AP Gov, AP Calc BC, AP Macro Econ
4’s : AP World History, AP US History, AP CS Principles, AP CS A, AP Physics I&II,

Senior year : AP Stat, AP Physics C, AP Lit.

ACT : 34(M-35 R-33 S-34 E-35)
SAT : 1500 - 750(M)/750®; 1490 - 780(M)/710®; Super scored : 1530
SAT II Math - 800

EC: 4 years. Debate team executive board in Senior year. State finalist in freshman year.
Scholastic Bowl : 10-12th.
BPA : 3 years starting from 10th. Junior year - Top 8 at state level at individual level, Top 3 at team level.
Summer Internship in local software company in programming.
Internship with local congressman during summer.
Internship with Motorola during summer junior year.
I Start Valley internship in entrepreneurship track. His idea is picked for Top 10 in competition, now leading the team in developing the idea.
Teaches English to kid in India.
Lots of volunteer hours in local church, food banks, math centers …
Worked as assistant at sylvan center during sophomore year.

He is interested in engineering with CS or CS+econ focus.

My son has been admitted to Viterbi. As long as his GPA is above 2, are there any restrictions on his doingn a Computer engineering or CS major.

He has an undeclared major admission in UCSD. If my son is clear on wanting to do a CS/CE major, is it worth risking going to UCSD or is it better to stick to USC where the major, I assume, is assured.