I'm about to get rescinded and not be able to graduate high school...

<p>...all because I made one stupid mistake.</p>

<p>My school requires a computer class to graduate - I'm taking it online right now. During the stress of applying to/choosing colleges and all that, I was dealing with computer problems and a lot of traveling, and issed several tests. My grade plummeted - right now it looks like I'm probably going to get a D.</p>

<p>I've written the instructor asking if there's anything I can do, but he hasn't written back yet. I'm probably going to try calling. But if not, what happens? I haven't told my parents yet - they think I can't handle a school as competitive as Berkeley and this will pretty much prove them right. What should I do? Any suggestions?</p>

<p>(Oh, and I can't remember my CalNet ID to confirm my housing. Where did we find those out from?)</p>

<p>I swear, I'm usually not this much of a wreck. I'm generally pretty competent, which is what makes this all the worse. Help?</p>

<p>i'm no expert, but here's what i would do.</p>

<p>1) if the teacher can't help, go to the principle or someone high up, see if theres summer school or community college class that you can take, and then get your diploma over summer before berkeley starts in august.</p>

<p>2) let your admissions officers know and see what conditions you must meet to be able to enter berkeley</p>

<p>3) consider testing for GED. i'm not sure how long it'll take, but its equivalent to a h.s. diploma. see if your admissions counselor will accept this.</p>

<p>4) if all else fails, just go to community college and transfer.</p>

<p>Update: My teacher is nice. Crisis averted - I'm going to Berkeley!</p>

<p>Thanks, though!</p>

<p>what some people get for being lazy and lacking cleverness. LMAO. Good thing you actually got out of the whole deal safely.</p>