I'm actually losing sleep over my chances of transferring into Temple....someone helpppp?

Hey all,
I originally started at my CC before I even graduated high school, and I had a good gpa (at the very least 3.0, probably higher). Then I changed my major and transferred to Drexel (online program) right after I graduated hs. I totally messed up there, figured out I loved my previous major. I only stayed at Drexel for two terms. The first term was a gpa of 1.5, and the second term was 0.68 because I literally forgot to withdrawal.

I’m on my last semester at my CC with a gpa of 3.3, which will definitely go up by the end of this semester as I’m taking two 4-credit classes and one 3-credit, although I want to apply before this semester is over. I will have two letter of recommendations, and I will nail my admissions essay.

But I worry about the Drexel transcript. If you add the gpa’s together, I would have a 2.6, which means Temple will consider me…but that does not reflect me AT ALL. Do you think that the admissions team will see my stats NOW rather than focus on the problem with Drexel? Do you think I have a good chance at getting in? I am meeting with a college counselor in two weeks, so I’m going to hold off on applying until then to make sure she doesn’t have any last minute suggestions. I’m a good candidate to transfer into Temple minus the Drexel transcript, but I’m worried the admissions won’t see that! Help, pleeeeeease!

If I were you I would tell myself I wan’t going to get in, send off my application anyway but completely expect the worse. It’s too late now to worry about the ‘what ifs’ or change anything!