Im affraid will i get accepted to kent state ? please helpp

<p>Im a Transfer Student/ Multi- Sport Athlete and I have wanted to go to Kent State University since High School. I play football and im really good im a 6'6 207lb WR/FS i know i have D1 size and the structure for NFL size but football is not my number one plan for my life i want to study history. I understand that its easier to transfer intp a public school rather then to go in straight as a freshman but for the last year since i graduated I' ve been afraid for some reason. I have a 2.3 GPA in high school, 17 ACT ( Average ) , and 6 credits from a community college. In high school i have had alot of honors courses and electives. In the state of MD you need 21 credits to graduate i finished with 26. I know my numbers don't show a lot but i really am more capable. In high school i play Lacrosse, Football, Swim Team. With my package im sending to Kent State im sending 6 letters of recommendations and possibly a 7th one from a former prefessor at Bucknell University ( Baby Ivy League School ). i applied early just Yesterday infact and im applying for next semester spring 2012. Also i'd if this helps but my girlfriend attends there now thanks to me i convinced her to go so basically i got kent state another student she attends there this fall and is waiting for me to come in the spring. Also im sending a letter of why cant state is the place for me. In Addition, i've just had a tough time in school because of life and family issues in the past few years but now everything is straight and im more then ready to become a kent state flash. Somei understand that kent State isnt a hard school to get into supposed to be acctually easy. Im also in good terms with an addmissions counselor there she always encourages me to apply and send my stuff in and is always there to answer my questions, can she help or have anyway of helping me get in ? some one please help me i think about this day and night and it wont lave my mind until im accepted to Kent State. One more thing i was accepted to Southern Virginia University a private school last week and to play football also but i wouldnt be able to join the team until spring, but there average student that gets accepted has a 3.4 gpa something i dont have but i got accepted , so wouldnt that mean that i should get accepted to kent since kent is already easy to get into. But im not going to commit to SVU i wont to go to Kent in january not svu. Its also to my understanding that because the economy is hurting public schools acceptance rates are going up because they need money to. i know this is long but please bare with me and help thank you.</p>

<p>Lastly my options are Ohio State and Kent State but i want Kent more.
OSU 88% transfer acceptance rate admited 5600 transfer in 2010</p>

<p>Copied DIRECTLY from the KSU transfer website...</p>

<p><em>Admission Requirements</em></p>

<p>Who is Admissible to Kent State as a Transfer Student?
Students who have attended any educational institution after graduating from high school must apply as a transfer student. </p>

<p>Generally, a transfer applicant who has taken 12 or more semester hours with a college cumulative grade point average of at least 2.0 on a 4.0 scale may be admitted. An applicant who has taken fewer than 12 semester hours will be evaluated on both collegiate and high school records. </p>

<p>Transfer applications are processed on a rolling basis. However, early application helps to ensure early consideration for class registration, residence hall preferences and financial aid. Therefore, the best time to apply is at least six months prior to the term you wish to enter Kent State.</p>

<p>Admission</a> Requirements</p>

<p>They accept everyone. Trust me, I went there for my Freshman and Sophomore year. I know a lot of transfer students who got in with 2.3 GPA's from other colleges.</p>

<p>They do not accept everyone… with your GPA and text scores they may as you to complete a year or semester at at regional branch of Kent, but after you receive a 2.0 and 12 credit hours you can transfer. </p>