im afraid my junior year is too much... help

these are the classes i signed up for next year

spanish 4
ap bio
ap psychology
ap lang
Authenic Science Research (not worried at all)
pre calc
and im deciding between ap stat or intro to programming/personal finaance

my dilemma is

  1. there is only one teacher for ap stat and he is reallyyy lazy and not a good teacher, so i dont want to spend my time teaching my self the topics
    buttt if i don’t take it now then i can never take it in high school
  2. i want to go to med school so idk which will help especially since i have to study for the ACT and i have a lot of stuff going on during the weekends (speech and debate tournaments)

what should i do?

Where is your history class?

You should be taking something like history or social studies. Econ can also fit that category. I’d drop AP psych or stats and take something else.

Taking four AP classes is a lot for one year. If you are worried, listen to your instinct.

Some schools don’t offer history every year. My school doesn’t. I think as long as AP Pysch isn’t replacing the school’s history class, then it’s okay.

I vote for personal finance! It might be a lighter class for an otherwise stressful day, but it’s really useful. You might learn about taxes, budgets, etc. and a lot of students don’t get the opportunity to do so.

Do you have a study hall?

I think they are definitely good classes and Psychology can definitely count as a social studies subject.

I would suggest you do programming or finance because you don’t want to get a crazy teacher and work super hard and eventually still get a C or B. Plus. you do need time to work on your SAT/ACT, your extracurriculars, your other application stuff, etc.