I'm afraid to ask.

So I went to community college and did great. Not a 4.0, but if I remember right, mid threes at the very least. Multiple rounds on the Dean’s List, involved in student government and deeply involved in the theater program, the whole deal. Then I moved on to another school, and had some severe family/psychological/financial/other issues, and I bombed out .Another semester a year later once I was financially sound enough to get back to it, a return of psychological issues for different reasons, and another bomb out.

My GPA is awful, in the low ones. I’m seeking treatment so I can finally move on with my life, and once I’m sure I can handle it, I want to go back to school. But not to the one I’m already in; two semesters of struggling was enough, and a fresh start seems in order here.

I don’t know what to do. I’m fairly sure no other school will take me under these circumstances, and it’s not as if I can lie and say it never happened. But getting a school more tailored to what I want to accomplish (film/theater/writing) to even consider me seems impossible.

Anyone know if I have any options?

When you have yourself together, go back to your CC and talk with the Transfer Advisor there. Get some help with devising a plan. You might decide to spend a semester or two at the CC to help pull your GPA back up.

After you have pulled yourself together can’t you retake the classes in the current school? I am sure your school could understand.