I'm an idiot.

<p>I thought the deadline was Jan. 15.</p>

<p>Someone kill me now.</p>

<p>I Fight. I Choke. I Kill.</p>

<p>There. Job done. You can pay me now.</p>

<p>Don't worry, you're not the only one.</p>

<p>Call them, ask to speak with your area admissions officer, beg and see what they say. Admissions officers are sometimes surprisingly human. Do NOT take the word of the receptionist as law; just ask to speak with your area admissions officer. What's the worst thing they can say? They could say no, which would make you like them less and lessen the sting of not being able to apply. Or they could say fine, hurry up, overnight it NOW. </p>





<p>Fightchoke, I think you can call the Admission Office and ask them if you could be given an extended deadline. I also missed Trinity deadline, but the school emailed me some days ago telling me that if I was still interested in Trinity, I could still submit my application no later than January 31st.</p>

<p>Definately. I did this for some other school because I was an idiot and only submitted my supplement and not my application. People are surprisingly nice. Although, if you are gonna make that phone call you should ahve done it a month ago.</p>

<p>instead of submitting the commonapp online, you can submit the hard copy.
then tell them it was the mail delay. :)
anw, dont worry cos the people there are kind enough to accept late-coming documents :)</p>