I'm an incoming senior and would like to get chanced for JHU in 2019

GPA: 3.903(by end of 1st semester senior year)
SAT: got bad score first two times but hopefully around 1500+
AP Classes: AP Bio, AP World History, AP Calculus AB, APUSH, AP Lang, AP Chemistry, Advanced Calculus( AP Calculus BC+ Calculus 3), AP Physics 1
Senior Courses: AP Photo, AP Comp Gov, AP Stats, AP Environmental Science, normal english, orchestra and leadership
Varsity XC/TF
Chamber Orchestra from 11th-12th grade
ASB Treasurer senior year
Orchestra Council Treasurer 11th and 12th grade
Hunger Project Club officer 10th-12th grade
UNICEF Club Officer 11th grade
HOSA Ranked 6th at state

Thanks guys!

If you can get a 1500+ SAT score you’re objective stats make you a competitive applicant. Your ECs aren’t outstanding but few peoples’ are.

Beyond that no one can really say.