I'm angry - did worse on PSAT this year when it counts (11) than when it didn't (10)

<p>So I'm a junior this year and I reside in the state of California, whose lowest cutoff score in the recent 5 years was a 217 and has been gradually increasing to a 221 for the Class of 2012 for National Merit Semifinalist. Last year, as a sophomore, I scored a 224 with studying...this year, during the summer, I slacked off and did not study. I received my PSAT score this year, the year when it DOES actually count...and found out I scored a 216. Sigh, I got a 69 CR/72 M/75 W; last year I got a 74 CR/71 M/80 W. </p>

<p>How could I have done so much worse, apart from because of the lack of studying? Was it because I was also careless? I know I misread one of the math questions and two CR questions. I am really disappointed in myself. I could have avoided this if I had put in even the slightest effort - all I needed was 1 more correct question on Writing, or 2 more correct on either one of or on both the Math and CR sections. Gah...I just need to vent my PSAT woe. Sigh. </p>

<p>Looks like I won't be eligible for USC's National Merit Finalist award, unless by some sheer miracle the Class of 2013 for California is ridiculously uncompetitive and the cutoff is 216 or lower. I know I would have made Finalist, too, because I have school- to regional- to international-ranked awards in piano and science and engineering competitions. My writing, if I do so say myself, is also so emotionally provoking so as to having the ability to touch people's hearts enough to make them cry. I would have written killer essays for that Finalist application.</p>

<p>Ugh...learn from my mistake, everyone, and make every moment count so you do not end up with the regret of something so close that could have been had you just reached your hand out a little bit more and made that slight effort. It does not have to be purely academic...but with any opportunity that is presented to you: OWN IT.</p>

<p>Are you kidding? You do understand how many students would kill for a 216 on the PSAT? You said you have international awards. INTERNATIONAL AWARDS. You'll be extremely successful. Don't worry about one test. Life's more important than that.</p>

<p>Omg! What do you want a perfect SAT score?! I should be crying right now... I got 123! ONE, TWO, THREE! What in the world?! There are no possibilities that I am going to improve from 123 to 200! Let's be realistic. But for you, it's a different story, you're off by like a couple of points for a 240! So SHUT UP!</p>

<p>It's not the score itself that flummoxes me so, but, rather, the fact that I did not maximize my full potential in a situation that called for it. I could have done better - and I knew that. I knew that, and I did not take advantage of the opportunity to accrue scholarship money and an honor by timely preparing for it. All I can do now is hope that the cutoff score is low as hell in California...which is most likely not happening simply because of the fact that it is California.</p>

<p>It is the same feeling one has when you lose that significant other when you could have done something to hold on to him or her. It is the same feeling one has when losing a sports match or game when he or she could have fought harder physically and mentally to win. It is the same feeling one has when realizing he or she did not love a close one enough, but now must face the death of that important figure. It is not the lack of the desired result that is so frustrating but, instead, it is the recognition of one's ability to have deterred a loss or undesired result - but failing to be have used that ability - that is disheartening.</p>

<p>^^ agree I would die for that score...</p>

<p>Btw I know how it feels to have higher expectations for yourself. I'd kill for your score though! But you're a smart kid, just remember your score is GREAT! & you're a smart kid!</p>

<p>Yes, I know I am smart, but hard work plays a large role in honing intelligence. Hard work beats talent when talent fails to work hard.</p>

<p>I'm going to have to compensate for this dismal PSAT score by going ham on my SAT. That 2240 I scored in October of sophomore year is no more. October of senior year: I'm coming for you, 2400. I'm going to flesh out every possible SAT book and practice test there is on the face of this earth the summer before senior year.</p>



<p>Thanks for those words of inspiration. I am aiming for a 4.0 GPA this year in HS. Before, I used to be a 3.0 GPA student ... :. </p>

<p>The problem is that I have flown near the Sun for too long. Sure, I aced first quarter, but my luck (or hard work and determination?) is all but depleted in this second quarter. I am hedging my grades on several things, and hopefully those things come to fruit and rescue me ... and I will fight for my As every step to the way. I cannot wait to put my second set of straight As in HS in the bank ... and breath sighs of relief as I shut the vault and swallow the key. </p>

<p>I feel for you, but you should have enough accolades to distract you from a mere PSAT score. And only a fool makes the same mistake twice. Maybe next time you won't "slack off" - as if those two words hold any meaning in regard to you! Good luck on your 2400 :)!</p>

<p>2400 is EASY for you! haha tell us how it goes!</p>

My writing, if I do so say myself, is also so emotionally provoking so as to having the ability to touch people's hearts enough to make them cry.


<p>omg, your story * did * touch my heart and nearly make make me cry :(</p>

It is the same feeling one has when you lose that significant other when you could have done something to hold on to him or her.


<p>^ especially that imagery. I can't imagine :(.</p>

<p>I got a 156 and am tempted to cry :/ I would kill for a score like that</p>

<p>I'm a senior. Last year, I got a 220.</p>

<p>Guess what the cutoff was? Who would have thought it would jump TWO points from the year before?</p>

<p>USC full tuition scholarships are based on SAT scores being over 2300. National merit gets half a tuition.</p>

<p>Texaspg, thank you for that bit of information. I feel <em>A LOT</em> more relieved now. Eff UC tuition...$40k a year w/ no aid, broke state, SMH. USC Trojans know wassup...LA BRUINS COME AT ME</p>

<p>The PSAT never counts, don't worry about it.</p>

<p>I'm somewhat of a prestige-whore, like many others on this site. Not seeing my name on the National Merit Semifinalist list under my school is going to **** me off. Especially if this one other dude gets it -- and I know he can.</p>

<p>Why don't you channel that frustration into making something AWESOME?</p>

<p>You're a smart guy. Go learn to code or make a VDG generator or something.</p>

<p>I'm a dudette, dude.</p>

<p>I use "guy" as a unisexual term. :)</p>

<p>EDIT: There are exceptional cases, most commonly when "girl" is used in conjunct.</p>

<p>Cool story bro.</p>