I'm annoyed

<p>It annoys me when all of my friends and everyone around me seems to be with somebody! I'm just jealous I suppose since I'm 17 and have never had a boyfriend and on top of that never done anything with a guy. Is anyone else in the same situation as me? if so, then why? </p>

<p>My reason: Guy's arent interested me. The ones that are usually really gross and scary Goth guys (I'm not a Goth nor am a punk). furthermore, I'm so busy studying all the time and doing volunteer work that could hardly have time to get to know any guys and spend time with them. I'm also really awkward around guys I like. GRRR.. Who else wants to complain with me lol?</p>

<p>I know this sounds cliche, but when you meet HIM, it's going to be so much more sweeter because you "held out," and you don't have any baggage of useless relationships.</p>

<p>yeah i know. But still. it's annoying NOW lol. It's almost as if everywhere i look there is a happy couple hugging and kissing and it makes me sick!
What sucks is i know in college i'm not going to have time to have a BF cuz again, ill be too busy.</p>

<p>trust me, you'll make time when you found him.</p>

<p>i waited 17 yrs for mine, and it couldn't be anymore sweeter. He fulfills every romantic movies i wish i was in. Although I am busy with college applications, school, work, and life, i still make time for him on the weekend because he means a lot to me.</p>

<p>I disagree, I think you need bad relationships to learn from so when you find the right one you will know what to do to keep that relationship strong. But dont be upset that you have not done anything with a guy, it really will probably just mess you up if you start with that. I just sense a little emotional frustration, which is common and perfectly normal.</p>

<p>you should work on being more open to guys. just relax and act confident and friendly. don't wait for guys to always make the first move--sometimes they are dumb and need you to show them you are interested. you say you don;t have time for guys but why not look for someone in one of your ec's (volunteering guys get bonus pts!!) or school? don't try too hard, but don't be hard-to-get either. it's all about attitude; be happy with where you are and guys will see that</p>

<p>I second the frustration of the OP.</p>

<p>I third it.</p>

<p>ok im the biggest loser
im 18 and never had a boyfriend either.<br>
I graduated and now in a military school with 85% males and I still don't date any of them. I'm not pretty and don't get asked out much, and the ones that do I don't like them. I'm picky and I don't want my heart to get broken.</p>

<p>guys can really get in the way of things too lol. i mean, if you found one that you really like then im sure youll find time for him, but think of it this way...if you havent found i guy you really love you just have more time to spend on things you like/or need to do now</p>

<p>See, you girls talk about how you would like a boyfriend, but when you are around guys you like do you flirt at all or give ANY indication that you like them?<br>
As I've said before, girls give THE WORST hints. And to make that even worse, on the whole, we guys are pretty clueless.</p>

<p>And might I add that the girls on this site are generally very intelligent and compassionate and all around wonderful, and any guy would be like to go out with any of you. So keep your heads up!</p>

<p>maybe your...unattractive/gross yourself/act out others' pet peeves...? try moving to a new town</p>

<p>TenaciousJ, speak for yourself.</p>

<p>ditto, dumb girls are good</p>

<p>Tenacious J is the one who's going to get the girls...I'd rather be single for life than date Ghost.</p>

<p>maybe you're just plain ugly</p>

<p>haha this is getting good</p>

<p>I'm 16 and I've never had a boyfriend. It's probably due to the fact I'm ugly, and even talking to guys doesn't help. I've just accepted my fate as one of those old women who lives alone with her cats</p>

<p>the first step is acceptance.</p>