I'm Applying ED to Wharton... Do I stand a chance?

<p>Hey, I visited Penn and was in love with it right away. I wanted to know what you guys thought about my resume and whether or not there were things I could do to improve my chances. I was reluctant to see Penn, but I'm glad I did and I know this place is perfect for me. All the other schools I viisted were not bad, but none of them stood out like Penn! I'm so excited!</p>

<p>Here's my resume:</p>

<p>Unweighted GPA: 3.93
Weighted GPA: 4.26</p>

<p>PSAT Score (Taking SATs in June):
710 Writing
710 Verbal
700 Math (Suprised as this is my strongest subject)</p>

Math IC 750
Biology 760</p>

French 1,2 A
Math H A</p>


<p>Freshman (Semester1):
World Civ 1,2, A+
English 9 Honors, A+
Foods I, A
Graphics 1,2, A
French 3/4, Honors A-
Geometry 1,2, Honors </p>

<p>Freshman (Semester 2):
World Civ 1,2, A+
English 9 Honors, A+
Foods II, A
Graphics 1,2, A
Gemoetry 1,2 Honors A
Earth Science Lab A+</p>


<p>American Government, A
Health, A</p>

<p>SOPHMORE YEAR (Semester 1):</p>

<p>English 10 Honors, A
Graphics 3,4, A
French 4/5 Honors, A
Algebra 3,4 Honors, A
AP Biology Lab, A-
Psychology Intro, A</p>

<p>SOPHMORE (Semester 2):</p>

<p>English 10 Honors, A
Graphics 3,4, A
French 4/5 Honors, B+
Algebra 3,4 Honors, A-
AP Biology Lab, A</p>

<p>Junior Year (First Semester):</p>

<p>World Literature, A+
Graphics 5,6, A
French 5/6 (It's actually AP French, mistitled on transcript and school refuses to fix it for some reason?!?), A-
Pre Calculus 1,2 Honors, A+
AP Chemistry Lab, A
AP US History, A-</p>

<p>My activities:</p>

<p>Activity 1: Art/Design: Founder and President of Graphics Club, 10, 11, 12
Activity 2: Community Service: Helping Senior Citizens at Babushka Adult Day Care Center 2000-2004
Activity 3: Community Service: Connecticut Special Olympics 2004,2005
Activity 4: Community Service: March of Dimes 2005
Activity 5: Math/Science Club: Chemistry Club, 11
Activity 6: OTHER: Member of Stock Market Club, 11, 12
Activity 7: OTHER: Mock Trial State Championship Team 10th grade
Activity 8: Part-time employment: Soccer Referee 1999-2006
Activity 9: Part-time employment: Graphics/Web Designer for Dreamteam Entertainment and D Rock Records since 9,10,11,12
Activity 10: Part-time employment Working part time for Parsons Health Company, Inc. Doing Insurance Work about 10 hours per week 2000-2006
Activity 11: Student Government: 9th Grade Class Representative
Activity 12: Writing/Publications: School's Literary Magazine - Renaissance Magazine Graphics Editor 11,12
Activity 13: Writing/Publications: School Newspaper Contributer 9,10,11,
School Newspaper Staff (Computer Graphics Editor) 12
Activity 14: French National Honors Society Cabinet: in Charge of Organizing Junior Class Activities</p>


<p>Award 1: National Honors Society 11
Award 2: OTHER Connecticut All-State Academic 11
Award 3: OTHER 1st place at Connecticut State Chemistry Team Competition
Award 4: OTHER Nominated and selected to go to Annual Connecticut Chemistry Symposium
Award 5: OTHER National AMC-10/12 Participant (9,10,11)
Award 6: OTHER National AIME Qualifier 11
Award 7: OTHER French National Honors Society 10, 11, 12</p>


<p>Sport 1: Cross Country 9,10,11,12
Cross Country: Varsity Member, Selected as All-Conference, Member of Cross Country States Team from my School
Sport 2: Tennis 9,10-JV
Sport 3: Track (Indoors) 9,10,12- 9th grade CCC West Conference Championship Team
Sport 4: Track (Outdoors) 11,12</p>

<p>Thanks for taking a look!

<p>I should've probably posted my classes for next year as I'm guessing schools really look at those:</p>

<p>Senior Year:</p>

<p>AP Calculus BC
AP Physics AB
AP French Literature
AP Economics
Modern American Literature
Graphics 7,8</p>

<p>I got a 5 on the AP Bio Test and I'm taking the AP US, CHEM, and French Language tests this year</p>

<p>there is no ap physics ab, its ap physics b or ap physics c
take c if you can</p>

<p>looks good, but no one is a shoe-in at wharton...</p>

<p>some things you could improve:
1) get the SAT up a bit
2) take math IIC & score well in it</p>

<p>That's about it really. Make sure you play up the EC you care most about.</p>

<p>like stam said, no1 is a shoe-in, but from what i've heard... make sure u do well on the essays on ur application!!!! </p>

<p>even though i applied to the college and not wharton, i talked to my regional admissions officer when i was at previews and he expressed how the essays can really set u in the happy pile. my stats arent as amazing as some of the people that applied, but they looked at my essays and apparently really liked what i wrote. </p>

<p>also, maybe u should make ur language devotion stand out because i kno for wharton (business basically), they like people who kno more than english (for obvious reason of course).</p>

<p>i'll say. essays are definitely important.</p>

<p>anyway, i suggest you look through archives or this year's "decisions" list (i don't remember if they diff. b/t the penn schools)
you'll get an idea of how all over the place stats are and everything. honestly, there are many people like you who don't get in, and on the flip side, people who do get in. you have to stand out</p>

<p>My EC that I hope to push is the graphics thing. I've always been big on art and high school introduced me to art on computers (graphics)... I now have a graphics related job (working on more clients to really get a company going), a graphics related club at school, i'm editor of the graphics of the school newspaper (very well recognized in my state), and I'm editor of the graphics of the literary magazine published by students at my school.</p>

<p>I haven't taken Calculus yet, so I signed up for Physics B
I'm hoping to improve my SAT score to a 2250, I haven't started studying yet, but I will once AP/SAT II tests are over.</p>

<p>And the SAT II: Math IIc I missed the signups for May and I'm taking SAT I in June, so I guess I will have to take it next year somehow???</p>

<p>Thanks guys</p>

<p>yes. in october. and if ur applying ed u won't have to rush the scores as long as u list penn as the college u send it to when u register for the test (or up to like.. a week after u take it or something)</p>