I'm calling them 12 hrs later!!

<p>first something happened and i didnt receive my ED rejection from NYU, and now, it seems like im the last one to know my decision. im gna call them and ask for my decision, im not waiting for a deferral mail or wat, i live oversea, another 2 wks b4 i find out?</p>

<p>anyone in the same situation?</p>

<p>I haven't got my decision yet too
nothing's up on WA.
I applied on 10/31
I'm just waiting for the decision quietly.</p>

<p>same here, i applied two days earlier, if that makes a difference. how and when do u think the decision will come, WA/mail/email?</p>

<p>same here. anyone called in yet??i'll call later</p>

<p>I'm not sure if they'd be in. Pretty much everything I've seen related to the University is closed for Christmas Eve and Christmas day. So you might have to wait until Friday.</p>

<p>omg..that sucks. but i still havent heard anything yet..</p>

<p>i called.they said everything's mailed by today. wonder when we internationals could get our mail...sigh..</p>

<p>didnt u ask abt internationals?? hows that possible for us to get the mail?? u shud ahve asked more..lol</p>